Balcony Flooring in Toronto

KANDY Outdoor Flooring designs, manufactures and provides the largest selection of the highest quality condo balcony flooring available today. Stylish and contemporary, stunning and practical, durable and environmentally friendly. Your condo balcony has never looked so good!

You take pride in your home. At KANDY, we take pride in your home too.

Our brand’s purpose is expanding home experiences®. We do that with outdoor flooring that immediately converts your tired, dirty concrete balcony into an elegant new room.  New square footage you didn’t have before!

Our range of product materials, colours, and finishes let you match outdoor flooring types to your lifestyle, and take your unique style and taste from the inside – OUT.


Man-made and composite flooring materials may look similar to wood, but they offer different benefits.

  • Engineered products require less maintenance because they are not a completely natural material.
  • Synthetic man-made condo balcony flooring, such as our Canadian Collection and Contemporary Composite lines, are remarkably stable and work well in virtually any environment.

Learn more about KANDY’s synthetic flooring below.

Exotic Hardwoods

Exotic hardwood outdoor flooring adds character, elegance and warmth. Naturally superior hardness, density and oil content make KANDY’s exotic hardwoods a durable, luxurious choice that augments and emphasizes your interior design.

KANDY’s exotic hardwoods are sustainably produced. Each species, specially selected for its suitability as outdoor flooring, offers different characteristics, colouring and tone to satisfy your uncompromising standards in style.

Learn more about KANDY’s hardwoods below.


No need to fake it with KANDY’s spectacular naturally occurring rock. Elegant granite outdoor flooring provides a splendid solid base on which to fashion a sophisticated outdoor space design.

Learn more about KANDY’s granite.


KANDY Grass interlocking artificial grass deck tiles let you enjoy the look and feel of a lush lawn and backyard fun – without the mower. Mix and match with our other product options to create different areas in your space, such as a play area for tiny tender feet.

Designed specifically for the Canadian climate, KANDY Grass is frost and heat resistant and environmentally friendly!

Learn more about KANDY Grass.

Outdoor Lighting for Your Balcony

Create a wow experience for guests when you entertain outside. And cheat the seasons by extending the hours of use on your spectacular new balcony.

Enhance your condo balcony flooring with outdoor lighting installed and inlaid directly into your KANDY deck tiles.

Waterproof. Weatherproof. Energy efficient.

Learn more about lighting for your condo balcony flooring.

Caring for Your Balcony Flooring

Expanding your home experiences with KANDY Outdoor Flooring is an investment. Caring for and properly maintaining your new outdoor flooring will protect that investment and help ensure you love your outdoor space for years to come.

We take the time to help you understand the maintenance process so you are armed to take care of it yourself. We have also developed a full-service cleaning and maintenance program when you someone who cares about your space as much as you do to take care of it.

  • Contact us today to see if our full-service maintenance programs are available.

Learn more about how to protect your KANDY condo balcony flooring. 

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Your home’s style and decor is a direct reflection of who you are. Why limit that to merely the indoors?

At KANDY Outdoor Flooring, we believe in expanding home experiences by making your outside area as comfortable, fun, chic and luxurious as your inside.

Contact us today for more information on our outdoor flooring.

All of our balcony flooring products are manufactured to withstand the inclement and harsh weather and climates all across Canada!  You can leave your flooring outdoors year-round knowing that KANDY Outdoor Flooring performs in +50 degrees Celsius to -50 degrees Celsius environments!

We’ll help you create your own unique design chosen from a range of our outdoor flooring products.  Our refined patio flooring options include our Canadian Collection of balcony flooring created right here in Canada! You may also choose from ipe flooring, cumaru flooring, tigerwood flooring, composite flooring, granite flooring, grass flooring and decorative outdoor balcony lighting.

Check out our gallery for design and layout ideas. We do it all, even installations!

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