About Us

The KANDY Story

Prior to starting KANDY, co-founders Kelly and Doug Niessen bought a typical condo with typical floor-to-ceiling windows off the typical living room. The balcony was visible from the entire living area, and it was ugly: a dirty, barren and inhospitable slab of concrete.

As they renovated the inside of their condo, they wanted to take their personal taste and style to the outside. They love the outdoors and spending time outside in a space they love is very important to them. They expected it to be as easy as getting help with closets or blinds, but it wasn’t. After months of research, they found that there were no options that met their standards for quality and taste and nothing that fit within the condo rules and bylaws.

They realized there was a major market gap, and in solving their own condo balcony flooring problem they conceived the idea for a business that would solve this problem for others.


Since then, they have become the premiere provider at expanding home experiences® with new outdoor flooring for condo balconies, ground floor patios, and rooftop areas. There are several copy-cats, but there is only one KANDY!

Today KANDY® provides its customers with exactly what Kelly and Doug wanted, but were unable to find: service, quality, and choice for solutions that do not contravene condo or HOA by-laws.

KANDY is a service-excellence brand with its own proprietary line of high quality products designed specially for condo balconies. KANDY is proud to offer the best selection of the highest quality outdoor floating floor systems available today.

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More about Kelly and Doug

Although Kelly & Doug founded the brand in Vancouver, BC, they have since relocated themselves to Toronto, ON, to oversee national growth and to manage the manufacturing.

About Kelly and Doug
KANDY Doug Flooring Installation Canada
Doug and Batman
KANDY Doug and Kelly Vancouver Flooring Services

Kelly was selected as a 2016 Enterprising Woman of the Year Champion and she is active in the business community. In addition to having served for a decade as the Vice Chair for The Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (www.fwe.ca) she has also served on the Board of Trustees for the BC Sports Hall of Fame (www.bcsportshalloffame.com) and on the Board of Advisors for the Advanced Systems Institute (ASI). Kelly is a true entrepreneur. Utilizing experiences ranging from strategic sales, to executive roles in large telecommunications, retail and manufacturing firms, to acquiring and operating her own marketing list brokerage firm, Kelly is passionate about connecting people and services and providing solutions to common problems. Kelly holds a Bachelor of Arts (Major in Human Resources) from Concordia University in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and a Masters of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.

Doug leads KANDY operations with a strategic focus on ensuring superior client experience. This includes guiding and coaching KANDY Consultants and Installers on all the matters that affect client experiences. Indeed, Doug’s passion for people and beautifying outdoor spaces in condos is infectious. He puts the customer first each and every time, has a background in sales and service that spans two decades. Doug is active in pursuing lifelong learning and is a Sandler Sales & Leadership guru.

KANDY’s Purpose and Core Values

Core purpose:

Expanding home experiences®

KANDY Outdoor Flooring is a brand whose culture is built “by design”, and we are grateful to David Reeve of Unleash Culture for his invaluable guidance in this area. In place of a traditional mission statement we chose to develop a purpose statement, along with a set of core values and a unique value proposition. These foundational elements provide the platform from which we strive to serve each and every customer with excellence, passion, ethics and trustworthiness.

Core values:

  • Bring out the best in everyone
  • Be the solution
  • Deliver on every promise
  • If it’s to be, it’s up to me
  • Ever evolving