No development project is complete without the finishing touch of Condo KANDY outdoor flooring in all unit balconies, recreation spaces, and common areas.

Condo balcony flooring is no longer a luxury. Condo buyers, whether they’re purchasing a pre-construction/pre-occupancy condo or a resale, now expect outdoor flooring as standard.


As a developer, you know that offering condo buyers high performance, aesthetically-pleasing outdoor surfaces is good business. In doing so, you can increase the perceived value and appeal per unit for initial and resale while maximizing usable space.

Maximize your profitability in one of two ways:

  1. By offering Condo KANDY outdoor flooring as a feature of each unit (thereby increasing pre-sale value)
  2. By offering the outdoor flooring as an optional upgrade, rolling the cost into their mortgage

Why Partner with Condo KANDY?

Condo KANDY is synonymous with quality. Developers like Tridel, Liberty, Digreen Homes, and HarHay have partnered with Condo KANDY to ensure their clients benefit from outdoor flooring products for many years.

Condo KANDY is the pioneer of outdoor flooring for condo balconies and has been providing and installing in multi-unit residential buildings across Canada for almost a decade.

We provide and install outdoor flooring, as well as shades and blinds, both pre- and post-occupancy.

Builders and developers in the GTA have partnered with Condo KANDY because of:

  • Increased margins and revenue per square foot
  • Increased appeal and per-unit unit sale value
  • Tailored products & service mix for unique value creation
  • Hassle-free installation across the entire building up front, or on a suite-by-suite basis for buyers choosing upgrades
  • Our extended a discount program to all developer employees so they may also benefit from expanded home experiences on their condo balconies
  • The thousands of balcony installations Condo KANDY has completed in Canada.
  • Peace of mind that Condo KANDY delivers the high quality products and services with almost a decade of experience serving condos across Canada

Condo KANDY is a Gold Supplier of First Service Residential.

Protect the Building Envelope

The most important consideration for any multi-unit building is the protection of its
building envelope. Condo KANDY’s outdoor flooring does not put the envelope at risk. Period.

We do not use glue, grout, or nails to adhere anything to the surface of the
balcony floors or the building walls when installing our outdoor flooring.

The product simply lays on top of the balcony surface.

We customize only the flooring when working around posts, pillars, corners, walls, and railings for a flawless, professional finish. We do not touch the building structure or envelope at all. That’s why there are no worries about building or construction warranties.

Condo KANDY’s proprietary products:
● Protect condo balcony surfaces and elements of the building envelope
● Perform flawlessly for years of condo owner enjoyment
● Efficiently disperse weight, confirmed through product tests and analysis by reputable engineering firms

No project is too small or large for our professional install team. If your preference is to use your own crews for installation, no problem. We’ll deliver the product to your job site.

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