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It Makes Sense to Install Outdoor Flooring in Toronto During the Fall/Winter

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Many people in Toronto choose to wait until the spring and summer to install outdoor flooring. The assumption is that the weather during the winter and fall months is just too inconvenient, or that it is going to be too expensive to find a company willing to brave the potentially highly uncomfortable weather in order to get the job done. But that is not necessarily the case. There are a variety of reasons it makes sense to install outdoor flooring during the fall/winter season.

Fall/winter outdoor flooring installation minimizes summer downtime

If you are a true Toronto patio person, and your spring and summer revolves around getting every last ounce of enjoyment out of your outdoor space, then waiting around until the nice weather hits is going to eat into that time. Getting your outdoor flooring installed during the fall and/or winter doesn’t mean waiting around for a minus 25 degree February day; you can preempt the worst parts of the winter and find companies willing to do fall and winter installations.

Replace dilapidated flooring

Anyone who has lived in Toronto for a long time knows that all it takes is one bad winter for semi-dilapidated, big box flooring to become completely unusable. If you think your current outdoor flooring might not survive the winter, it makes sense to have it removed, and new, more durable outdoor flooring from CONDO KANDY installed before getting hit with the brunt of the winter.

Get an outdoor area ready for the winter

Just because it is no longer shorts and tshirt weather, does not mean that you can’t enjoy your outdoor space. Many people in Toronto continue to use their balconies and patios well into the winter. Depending on bylaws and building regulations, people make use of heating lamps, fire pits, watch the sunset/sunrise, have drinks with friends, talk on the phone etc. in their outdoor space during the winter months. Get your outdoor space set up for fall and winter enjoyment. What’s more, new outdoor flooring makes the view from inside your condo that much more beautiful. A dirty, stained, lifeless balcony is an eyesore at any time of the year, but especially during the cold months.

Make sure your condo is ready to sell

If you are undertaking an outdoor flooring project in order to add resale value to your home, you would be well advised to have the project finished in time for moving/sale season. It is common knowledge that the vast majority of home and condo sales/relocations happen during the warmer months. It makes sense (easier to take time off, kids are not in school, better weather) that people would want to relocate when it’s not freezing out, and it makes similar sense for prospective sellers to have their condo or apartment in sale form and ready to show.

If you are thinking about an installation and are worried it might be too late to take advantage of the pleasant weather, fear not. Get in touch with a Toronto company that can make outdoor flooring installations any time of the year.


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