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Hello Edmonton! KANDY Outdoor Flooring Welcomes New Edmonton Franchise Partner!

At just 24, Edmonton’s Dave Kennedy has already accomplished more than many do by 40. And now, he can add being awarded a KANDY Outdoor Flooring franchise to the list.

“We’re very selective about who we invite to join our team,” says Kelly Niessen, KANDY Outdoor Flooring co-founder. “We look for alignment with our core values, and a good mix of attitude and experience. Dave Kennedy impressed us and we’re happy to award him the Edmonton and Northern Alberta franchise.”

Kennedy is currently president of Green Creations & Developments Inc., a sustainable design and construction firm he started a little over six years ago (yes, he was 18).  He’s working on some restructuring to free himself up so he has more time to build his new KANDY Outdoor Flooring franchise.

“The City of Edmonton is starting to figure out that urban sprawl is not the way to go,” says Kennedy. “More condos are going up, more are planned, so there’s a growing niche here in Edmonton.”

He’s a big fan of “Startup Edmonton”, a campus and community for hackers, artists and entrepreneurs, and believes in encouraging young entrepreneurs to keep learning, and not to let age – or lack of it – deter them from doing what they believe in. Kennedy says he’s already learned from Kelly & Doug: the power of creating culture by design, instead of by chance, through the establishment of clear core values that guide every decision.

“Everything is thought out, everything is there for a reason. You buy into KANDY as a company and you also buy into the people. They’ve already put together a great team.”

Dave Kennedy

Dave Kennedy, Edmonton & Northern Alberta Franchise Partner

KANDY Outdoor Flooring expands home experiences with new outdoor flooring for condo balconies, ground level patios and rooftops. The service, quality and choice value proposition really works for Kennedy, who started out doing carpentry in high school. Then he went back to school taking project management and design, and he sees his passion for customer service, design, skilled trades and management all coming together under the KANDY banner.

“I think this business is actually going to go somewhere here and I’m looking forward to getting it rolling, not just in the next year, but five, 10 and 15 years from now.”

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