outdoor flooring on a condo balcony
10 Outdoor Flooring Options for Your Condo

Many people don’t know what makes the most sense for their condo when it comes to selecting the best outdoor flooring, and are much better versed on what looks good on the inside. It makes sense. Flooring can make or break an indoor space, and even an otherwise beautifully designed, beautifully decorated condo can be…

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following balcony decorating tips in Toronto
Balcony Decorating Tips That Make Sense All Year

Balconies around Toronto are a mixed bag. You can really tell who spends a lot of time making their outdoor space look fantastic, and who doesn’t. Whether it is for the holidays, or just year-round beautification, below are some of Condo KANDY’s most important balcony decorating tips to keep your balcony looking great all year…

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Person Writing Marijuana Legalization Toronto
The Implications of Pot Legalization for Toronto Condo Owners

With the decades-long battle over the decriminalization of recreational marijuana use now almost officially won by pot legalization advocates, it will soon be entirely legal to purchase pot (despite it already being, at least unofficially, legal to do so) in Toronto, as one would purchase any other legal, controlled substance. As a condo owner in…

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Suite shade benefits in Toronto
Suite Shades Make Sense in Toronto

We are excited to introduce a brand-new CONDO KANDY product line to condo and apartment owners in Toronto: Suite Shades by CONDO KANDY. Suite Shades by CONDO KANDY are window treatments, shades, roller shades, and blinds, expertly installed in condos and apartments, which in addition to being great additions to existing decor, and easily tailored…

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