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Balcony Safety Ideas For Toronto Condo Owners

KANDY Outdoor Flooring Balcony Safety Toronto

What’s that saying? Safety Comes First. Yes, we have to agree, especially when it comes to your condo balcony.

As a condo owner in Toronto, you know how amazing it is to have your own balcony. A place where you can go to relax after a long day at work, to check out the beautiful Toronto Skyline and surrounding views, to have an outdoor BBQ with your friends and family, or to just sit with a glass of wine in the afternoon reading a good book. But, did you know your condo balcony can also be a danger to you and your loved ones, if not taken care of? Safety for outdoor patios and balconies in Toronto (and anywhere) is important, and there are a few basic principles you can adhere to, to make sure everyone is safe.

Here are some balcony safety ideas you can implement so you and your family can enjoy the balcony while remaining safe.

Inspect Your Balcony Frequently

Treat your outdoor living space as if it were part of your indoor living space! Frequently inspect your balcony for damages like rust, cracks, broken glass or unstable railings. Ask yourself if anything looks too old or worn out, see if repairs need to be made or if anything needs replacing. You also want to make sure gaps in the rails are small enough so small children and pets cannot get through. If there are any issues you find that might be concerning to you, be sure to contact your condo board as soon as possible.

Another good idea is to check your condo patio flooring, as you want to make sure you are standing on safe ground (plus if you have us install one of our outdoor flooring products, it helps beautify your space!).

Get Repairs Done To Your Balcony if Needed

KANDY Outdoor Flooring Toronto Balcony SafetyWatch for any issues with your condo balcony flooring, railings, walls, and doors. If you notice any problems such as chipping, splitting, degradation or any significant changes to any of these elements, alert your condo board immediately. They will come and conduct an inspection and take the appropriate course of action on your behalf. Toronto condo balconies are ‘limited use, common property’ which means you have exclusive use of the space, but the maintenance and upkeep is the responsibility of the building and is overseen by your condo board.

If your concrete patio flooring has minor cosmetic damage such as excessive dirt and water, staining, minor chipping etc., you may consider adding hardwood condo balcony flooring from KANDY® Outdoor Flooring on top, to protect what is underneath, and to spruce up the look!

Toronto Balcony Safety Precautions

Safety for balconies is important, especially if you have small children and/or pets. Making sure things are safe guarantees peace of mind for condo owners.

Ensure balcony doors have proper locks in place (high enough so children cannot reach them) and never leave keys in them. Keep sharp objects such as glass tables and metal pieces off your balcony floor – use child-friendly furniture.

Another tip if you have young children, is to remove anything they can climb onto, which might cause them to trip and fall. There are foldable tables and chairs you can use in place of larger pieces, and many other space saving furniture options which allow you to enjoy your balcony, all while keeping you and your children safe.

Have a BBQ? Make sure it’s covered, and always off when you’re not using it. You’d be surprised how many accidents occur in Toronto each year, due to this.

KANDY Outdoor Flooring Condo Patio Safety TorontoKeep Your Toronto Balcony Clean and Tidy

Condo balconies can be beautifully decorated, but having too much furniture, plants, and other items can cause it to be a hazardous area. Make sure you keep your Toronto patio deck tiles tidy. Once or twice a year, clear out the junk.

If you have pets, a good rule of thumb is to not let them out on your balcony, but if they sneak out there, be sure to keep small objects, dirt, and plants off the ground. Sweep often, especially after each season.

Use these tips to ensure your balcony is safe, so you can enjoy your outdoor living space with peace of mind, all year round!

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