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A Fond Farewell to Boni & John

Doug, Kelly, John and Boni.

It is with mixed emotions that we bid adieu to Boni & John Wagner-Stafford. After 3 years of contributions to the KANDY® brand, they are moving on. We wish them nothing but success and happiness as they continue to pursue their 2GreatGuys and B Clear Writing endeavours as well as their upcoming Mexican adventures. We will miss them dearly.

In the spring of 2011 when I first started talking about the idea of a ‘deck flooring’ company, Boni & John were of the precious few who didn’t dismiss my idea as silly, or tell me all the reasons it couldn’t be done. They were supportive and curious right from the beginning.

After launching in 2011 and operating for about a year, I was attempting to create a video that I could put onto YouTube to promote awareness for our services. Knowing that John had music and video game production in his background, I asked his opinion. Not only did he tell me what he thought, but also he returned the video to me with a full blown professional voice over!  As a result of helping with this video, Boni and John understood the value proposition and unique opportunity and decided to get involved.

BoniBoni & John not only helped KANDY to test and confirm the market opportunity in the Greater Toronto Area but they also helped to form and shape the Franchise system from all aspects of the business.

Boni is brilliant with the written word (check out this witty Christmas poem!) and you will hear her personality throughout the KANDY brand all the way from our product specification sheets through to our BLOGS. She was also instrumental in documenting our operations manual and the content for our KANDY University among other critical elements of the business.

JohnJohn’s unique cross sections of skills from technology and publishing through to customer care and user experience are second to none. His contributions to our technology platforms, systems and processes transformed our efficiencies and have allowed us to scale.

All the while that Boni & John were offering their skills and input to the organization corporately, they were also providing exemplary service directly to clients in Toronto. Boni and John have epitomized our purpose of expanding home experiences® all the while upholding the KANDY® core values.

“Thank you for the great client service that you provide. It was a true delight having you create this wonderful outdoor oasis for us.”

Rita and Conrad, Toronto, ON

“Thank you for creating such a stunning masterpiece on my balcony.  I love love love it and not only that, I deserve it… The two of you and Kandy Outdoor Flooring have created a true show stopper.  I now own a new functional balcony, which brings the inside of my home outside thus creating a beautiful larger living space.  It was my wish and you folks delivered and made my dream a reality.”

Jackie, Ottawa

The service your Company (Kandy) provides is top quality. From my initial contact with John Wagner-Stafford to the installation of my outdoor flooring on my balcony, I both endorse and recommend Kandy Outdoor Flooring for the outstanding service and quality of their product“.

Joyce, Toronto, ON

Working in a start-up venture environment is challenging to say the least and working with family adds another level of complexity altogether. Together with Boni & John we experienced some of the highest highs of my career along with some of the lowest of lows. Boni & John kept upbeat and positive and remained true to the KANDY purpose and focus on customer experience, and for that,  we are forever grateful.

Toronto, April 2014, Dragons' Den. Doug, Boni, Kelly, JohnBoni & Johns tenure with KANDY was a short 3 years but at this critical phase in its evolution, it seems like a lifetime! Their contributions will be infinitely appreciated and their stamp on the brand will remain for decades to come.

All our love and best wishes to Boni & John…

Kelly & Doug

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