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5 Tips for Beautifying Your Condo Balcony by Spring

Yippee! Spring is Right Around the Corner

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If you are living anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area, you know that this winter has been one of the most brutal. If you live in a house, you’ve had to maintain your driveway, clear out the snow, put salt on walkways and so on. For most people, this is a yearly chore (cue: annoyance). But, if you live in an apartment building or condo, you don’t have to deal with such messes.
Or do you?

Let’s be honest for a moment. Condo owners often use their patio balcony as a storage area. Somewhere to “store” their personal effects, seasonal items, even garbage! In Toronto, you’ll see many condo owners doing this. But, wouldn’t it be nice to finally get your condo balcony cleaned up and ready for spring? Make your outdoor condo balcony a beautiful place again! A place you and your partner can enjoy.

Here are some tips we have for decluttering and beautifying your balcony patio.

Tip #1: Clear Out Your Outdoor Patio Balcony Area

The first step toward making your Toronto condo balcony as spotless as possible is to remove all garbage, tattered furniture that might be hanging around from last season and removing dead or diseased plans. This might seem disgusting, but wear some plastic gloves, and start small. A little bit each day goes a long way!

Greater Toronto Condo Balcony FlooringTip #2: Clean the Dust and Debris

Next, sweep or vacuum the area to pick up cobwebs, dead insects and other debris. A handheld wet/dry vacuum just for outdoors is a helpful tool. Always use the top-down approach when cleaning. Begin cleaning high places first as debris and dust will fall to the floor. Don’t sweep debris over the side.

Tip #3: Splurge on New Patio Decor

Now might be the perfect time to get some deals on outdoor furniture for patios and balconies. Check stores like Canadian Time and Costco, or even Craigslist for new (or used) patio sets, outdoor sofas and accessories. Since it’s still winter in Toronto, you might get a great discount by purchasing early!


Tip #4: Outdoor Balcony Renovations

If you have been thinking about updating your outdoor condo patio flooring, now’s your chance to get it done! Having new flooring for your condo balcony will allow you to enjoy your new outdoor living space by the time tulips start to bloom.

What could be better than sitting on your new patio furniture, sipping cocktails and enjoying your new balcony flooring, while looking out at the Toronto skyline?

Greater Toronto Outdoor Terrace FloorsTip #5: Hire Professionals

Sure, you can buy cheap outdoor balcony flooring, and try DIY’ing it. But this might end up being time consuming, costing more in the end, and causing damage you didn’t intend. It’s always best to leave condo balcony installation to the professionals! Luckily, that’s where we can help! We offer affordable and professional installation and design services at KANDY Outdoor Flooring. Same yourself time, money, and headaches!

Now is the time to beautify your balcony with quality hardwood condo flooring, so give us a call at 1-888-882-2889 and arrange for a FREE in-home consultation today!

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