Balcony Flooring in Toronto

Condo KANDY has been designing, manufacturing and providing the largest selection of the highest quality condo balcony flooring for over a decade. Our experience spans a vast array of various styles, materials and formats and we now provide only the best of the best.


Stylish and contemporary, stunning and practical, durable and environmentally friendly. Our collections stand the test of time and also stand up to the harsh and volatile climactive conditions thrown at us here in Canada.

Your condo balcony has never looked so good!

CONDO KANDY; The Sweet Treat for Your Feet! (R)

As a condo owner, you take pride in your home. As a Developer, you take pride in your projects and ultimately the homes you build for future condo owners.

At Condo KANDY, we take pride in making every multi-unit residential building the best it can be and expand the home experiences for the ultimate condo owner.

Our brand’s purpose is expanding home experiences®. Condo KANDY Balcony flooring immediately converts your concrete (and sometimes stained, wet, barren, and inhospitable) balcony into an elegant new room. It gives you extra square footage to enjoy that you didn’t have before!

Our range of product materials, colours, and finishes let you match outdoor flooring types to your lifestyle, and take your unique style and taste from the inside – OUT.

Mix and match- our KANDY Grass and NEX GEN compliment each other perfectly. Define spaces, make borders, create your own unique design. We help you every step of the way.

NEXGEN  Synthetic Balcony Flooring

Simple, Supple, Spectacular

The most technologically advanced manufacturing process bring the best of all worlds together. NEXGEN is available in all of the modern colour palettes and formats and combines aesthetic appeal with practicality. Condo KANDY’s NEXGEN does not stain, fade, split, crack, or warp and is essentially maintenance free. All you need to do is sweep and mop to keep it looking good as new.

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 Luscious, Green, Gorgeous.

KANDY Grass let you enjoy the look and feel of a lush lawn and backyard fun – without the mower. Mix and match with our other product options to create different areas in your space, such as a play area for tiny tender feet, or an elegant dining area for your guests.

Designed specifically for the Canadian climate, KANDY Grass is frost and heat resistant and environmentally friendly!

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Your home’s style and decor is a direct reflection of who you are. Why limit that to merely the indoors?

At CONDO KANDY Balcony Flooring, we believe in expanding home experiences by making your outside area as comfortable, fun, chic and luxurious as the inside of your condo.

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All of our balcony flooring products are manufactured to withstand the inclement and harsh weather and climates all across Canada! You can leave your flooring outdoors year-round knowing that Condo KANDY Outdoor Flooring performs in +50 degrees Celsius to -50 degrees Celsius environments!

We’ll help you create your own unique design chosen from a range of our outdoor flooring products. Find out more about our Free in-home Consultations and our professional installation services.

Check out our gallery for design and layout ideas and inspiration for what could be on your condo balcony!

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