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What’s In Ontario’s New Condominium Act?

city-scape1At the moment it is just a “proposed” new Condominium Act. Even though it was introduced in the Ontario Legislature May 27, 2015, the new law hasn’t yet seen a day of debate. There’s likely a lot of behind-the-scenes posturing, because it is a honker of a new Bill and would bring significant changes to the condo landscape in Ontario.  Mostly for the better, by almost all accounts.

If Bill 106 is passed intact, there are several enhancements you’ll experience:

… As An Owner

  • Consumer protection enhancements including more and better information about condo living, operations, and costs would be provided to purchasers in regulated and standardized disclosure statements that aim to reduce confusion
  • The right to quiet enjoyment will be enshrined in the legislation and unreasonable noise prohibited
  • Improved access to financial information related to your condo corporation budget and insurance matters
  • Clearer rules on your responsibility in the event you, or your tenant or pet, inadvertently causes damage to the common elements. Meaning, you’re responsible for picking up either the cost of the repairs, or the cost of the deductible on the condo corporations insurance policy
  • You may be able to vote on by-law or other changes by phone or electronically – no more excuses!

… As A Condo Board Member

  • Businessman giving a presentationYou’ll need a criminal record check
  • Training and other support will help you understand and perform your director duties
  • You’ll notice improvements to governance, operations and financial management provisions under the new act
  • You could attend condo board meetings by conference call or other off-site technology
  • Relaxed quorum requirements for mandatory meetings may result in fewer scheduling headaches
  • You’ll be mandated to provide better communication to your owners.

…As a Condo Property Manager

  • Mandatory education and training
  • Mandatory licensing for both condo manages and management firms
  • A code of ethics for condo managers.

A New Condo Authority & Licensing Authority

Bill 106 would also set up a single “condo office”, called a Condo Authority, that would be responsible for managing and administering disputes between owners and condo corporations and helping to educate condo owners. A new Licensing Authority would administer and manage the training and licensing requirements of condo managers.

Ontario is home to 700,000 condo units, 10,000 condo corporations, and according to Ontario’s Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, 1.3 million Ontarians now live in a condo. Half of all new homes under construction in Ontario are condos. At KANDY Outdoor Flooring, we’ve been watching the urbanization trend across Canada manifest into a veritable boom in condo living, and we applaud Ontario’s move to strengthen the consumer protection framework for condo owners.

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