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The Implications of Pot Legalization for Toronto Condo Owners

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With the decades-long battle over the decriminalization of recreational marijuana use now almost officially won by pot legalization advocates, it will soon be entirely legal to purchase pot (despite it already being, at least unofficially, legal to do so) in Toronto, as one would purchase any other legal, controlled substance. As a condo owner in Toronto, there are some things to know about how this new legislation might impact you. Below are some of the things to keep in mind.

Pot smoking bans in Toronto

While there have been bans on smoking tobacco in and around condos in Toronto for a long time, many condo corporations are rushing to change their rules and regulations ahead of the legalization deadline to include cannabis as well. As a condo owner, you will have to make sure you are up to date on your condo’s corporation’s rules and restrictions before you fully enjoy the freedom that comes with the new laws.

Dealing with neighbours who smoke

If people in Toronto who took little in the way of active measures to hide their smoking from the world at large before pot legalization were brazen, they will become even more so in the wake of the new legislation. To each his own, but if you are a non-smoker, and the next balcony over smokes multiple times per day, the smell and smoke is going to end up impacting you. For some people it might amount to a minor inconvenience, for others it might be highly frustrating.

Is your outdoor flooring safe

If you are a not a pot smoker and your building plans to allow marijuana smoking on the premises after the October 2018 deadline, you might be worried that your balcony, and even the inside of your apartment runs the risk of smoke damage from all the wafting pot smoke. Your outdoor flooring is, by a large, safe from any wafting smoke and is unlikely to suffer any damage or discoloration.

Taking your case to the human rights tribunal

If you are a condo owner in Toronto who not only smokes recreationally, but relies on medicinal cannabis for pain relief, or to help with a wide range of other medical issues, you might be able to take your case to the Ontario Human Rights tribunal if your building is making your life miserable.

The new federal laws will likely, and hopefully mean the final deathblow to the remaining stigma around marijuana use by consenting adults. Whether you are a smoker, or not, these new laws have the potential to impact your life both positively and negatively if you are a condo owner in Toronto. If you have additional questions about how pot legalization might affect condo living, or want to find out more about great outdoor flooring options, contact Condo KANDY today and let us put your mind at ease.


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