hardwood balcony flooring
5 Tips for Getting the ‘Okay’ for Condo Balcony Outdoor Flooring

Yes, you’re an independent, free-thinking, condo-owning professional. But just because you own your condo doesn’t mean you can do whatever you wish… without first getting approval. As we explained in one of our previous blogs, you actually don’t own your balcony. Therefore, your plans to add balcony outdoor flooring tiles should include a check-in with…

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Condos, Airbnb & Short-term Rentals
Condos, Airbnb & Short-term Rentals: Problem or Pay-dirt?

Supply and demand, meet social technology. And travelling. And taxes. Yup, the age-old economic forces are surfing on the backs of social sharing and online sites like VRBO, airbnb, Tripping, Roomorama, and probably others. Absent or travelling condo owners (supply) and tourists and others looking for short-term rentals (demand) meet via the market mechanism of…

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Condo…. Condominium… Strata… What’s in a Name

We all know that a condominium, or condo, refers to a single building structure that contains numerous individually owned units along with common elements or areas that are collectively owned. That’s the practical explanation and it applies right across Canada, regardless of which province you are in.  How we talk about them differs slightly depending on…

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KANDY’s China Trip: Building Our Knowledge

Our commitment to choice and quality for our Canadian clientele is unwavering.  Its why we recently headed direct to the factories in China, where the majority of the world’s outdoor flooring deck tiles are manufactured. With the help of our quality control and translation experts, Doug and Rose, we saw first hand where, and how, some…

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