hardwood balcony flooring
5 Tips for Getting the ‘Okay’ for Condo Balcony Outdoor Flooring

Yes, you’re an independent, free-thinking, condo-owning professional. But just because you own your condo doesn’t mean you can do whatever you wish… without first getting approval. As we explained in one of our previous blogs, you actually don’t own your balcony. Therefore, your plans to add balcony outdoor flooring tiles should include a check-in with…

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You Don’t Own It: Your Balcony As a “Common Element”

Surprise! It’s one of the things that surprises many first-time condo owners. That balcony that you can access only through your suite, through sliding glass doors from your own unit… the one that only you or someone from your condo can get to (without dangerously crawling over the railing from the neighbouring unit) – –…

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A KANDY Client Review

Our experience with KANDY Outdoor Flooring has been and continues to be amazing. When we initially were looking for ideas for our outdoor condo balcony we looked at the traditional routes (big box stores, DIY solutions etc.) and this lead us nowhere. Not one of these solutions provided an end to end service which is…

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