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New Product Launch Announcement From KANDY Outdoor Flooring

Here at KANDY Outdoor Flooring, we take our flooring and our food very seriously. We have been dreaming of this day and finally, after years of research and development (R&D) we have truly brought our registered trademark “The Sweet Treat for your Feet ®” to life! Here at KANDY we have been focused in the background to bring you our new signature line up of chocolate flooring. We’ve tested them all; mocha, dark chocolate, chocolate malt, chocolate mousse, chocolate chips, cocoa, bitter chocolate, chocolate liquer only to name a few. We’ve been worldwide researching the best chocolade, schokolade, cioccolata, and czekolada and chocolat to use in our new outdoor chocolate flooring lineup.

People like chocolate. We know we do and no expense has been spared to make that connection between reliable and attractive flooring and cocoa-based sweet treats to a logical conclusion; outdoor flooring made of chocolate! They say that chocolate is an aphrodisiac. Now your condo balcony flooring can be too!

Industry Innovators

It’s a radical move, we know. That’s because at KANDY, we are the pioneers of condo balcony flooring and we like to push the sweetness envelope. We know our classy and forward thinking clients enjoy surprise, amazement and incredulity, not to mention, chocolate. Go ahead, feel the rush of excitement (and endorphins) that only real chocolate can deliver.

The Perfect Pairing

Chocolate and flooring were destined to be together. It’s food. It’s a floor. It’s both! Why didn’t anyone think of this before (or did they)? Talk about multi-unit residential condo balcony innovation! And just in time to order chocolate outdoor flooring for Easter, too.

The Flavor Options to Suit Your Unique Taste, Style, and Palette!

1. For the sophisticated, bold and complex persona out on your condo balcony:

KANDY DARK RICH SEMI-SWEET OUTDOOR FLOORS; Great paired with full-bodied red wines & cheese.

2. Or, how about a bright, vibrant “white”, sweet, modern and crisp, a fabulous option to enjoy in the outdoor space of your condo:

KANDY COCOA BUTTER DECK TILES – bring on the Martinis and shrimp cocktails.

3. Then, of course, no line up would be complete without the smooth and subtle richness of:

KANDY MILK CHOCOLATE CONDO BALCONY FLOORING to serve up. In the heat of the summer sun, you can try dipping your strawberries for an even more intense SWEET TREAT FOR YOUR FEET ® …

Which One Would You Choose?

So, what do you think? What kind of chocolate floors would you like to see on your condo balcony this spring? YUMMY!
April Fools from all of your friends here at KANDY Outdoor Flooring serving up the SWEET TREAT for your FEET® for multi-unit residential buildings and their condo balconies and common areas in The Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

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