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Suite Shades Make Sense in Toronto

Suite shade benefits in Toronto

We are excited to introduce a brand-new CONDO KANDY product line to condo and apartment owners in Toronto: Suite Shades by CONDO KANDY. Suite Shades by CONDO KANDY are window treatments, shades, roller shades, and blinds, expertly installed in condos and apartments, which in addition to being great additions to existing decor, and easily tailored to match colour and design themes, they come with a host of other benefits that have made them highly popular in both old and new condos throughout the city. Below are some of the reasons why Suite Shades by CONDO KANDY roller blinds options make so much sense in the 21st century.

Suite Shades by CONDO KANDY and energy savings

Anyone who lives in Toronto understands that the cost of temperature regulation and electricity is considerable. A 2017 article in Bloomberg online is an expose on Toronto and its highest electricity bills in North America. Just lighting your home and ensuring it is a comfortable temperature is incredibly expensive in this city, so anything condo and apartment owners can do to help combat high energy bills is essential. “Winter warm” and “summer cool” settings on Suite Shades by CONDO KANDY roller blinds let you thermoregulate the temperature of your home using the sun, allowing you to rely less on central heating.

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Elegance and sophistication

Suite Shades by CONDO KANDY shades are simple and elegant, adding symmetry and light control to your home that allows you to set the mood for any time of day, or occasion. They come in a variety of colours and lengths, and line-up within one-sixteenth of an inch of one another, bringing a feeling of precision and order to any condo or apartment.

Quiet motor technology

Part of living in Toronto (or any large global city, for that matter) means dealing with noise. In fact, Toronto gets so noisy at times, the city’s medical officer of health has expressed concern. Summer condo construction can be incessant, and minimizing noise pollution in your apartment becomes a matter of necessity. Another characteristic that makes Suite Shades by CONDO KANDY roller shades so desirable is their quietness. The proprietary motor technology makes opening and closing blinds completely inoffensive and relaxing

More control over sunlight

Striking that balance between over and under-lit requires customizable and fully controllable window treatments. When you live in a condo in Toronto, especially on higher floors, you are much more exposed to the sun than you would be in a traditional, detached family home. If there are no adjacent buildings providing shade (and there are certainly no trees outside your window on the 15th floor), you are completely exposed to the elements. Suite Shades by CONDO KANDY shades and roller blinds allow you to control how much light you let in, so you can read, relax, sleep and eat however and whenever you feel like it.

We know what we’re doing

Our Suite Shades by CONDO KANDY roller blind packages will come with the same depth of experience and professionalism that has underpinned our outdoor flooring success over the years. A lot of it has to do with an understanding of the ins and outs of condo installations. We understand where and how to park when visiting buildings, we understand maintaining professional and positive working relationships with condo boards and concierges, and we know that condo owners in Toronto value their time, and quality products that are worth the investment. You get a free in-home consultation, a competitive proposal, a Toronto-made product measured to within ⅛ of an inch, and expert installation.

Keeping your home comfortable, elegant, and cost-effective should be the goal of any modern condo or apartment owner. If you are a condo or apartment owner in Toronto, come and find out more about why Suite Shades by CONDO KANDY, roller blinds, shades and window treatments make the most sense for living in the city.


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