Rooftop Flooring

Your condo, town, or detached home’s rooftop can be your outdoor oasis in the sky.

KANDY Outdoor Flooring will expand your home experiences with products made especially for torch-on, mod-bit or EPDM rooftop surfaces.

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Your rooftop is right for KANDY when it is:

  • flat
  • relatively solid, and
  • drains properly.

Requires no glue, grout, nails, bolts or cement for the installation. The open profile allows air to circulate around the entire tile. Water and small debris fall through and wash away underneath leaving your floor surface clean and dry.

Check out our full product line and contact us to discuss options and book your free consultation.

Visit our Eye KANDY Gallery and let your imagination be your guide!

Add outdoor lighting to your outdoor flooring and expand your home experiences in style!

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