Condo Balcony Flooring

Size Matters

Every square foot of your condo balcony flooring space matters.  We’ll make the most of your outdoor flooring with a range of beautiful and exotic choices.

granite condo balcony flooring

KANDY creates a whole new room by adding usable square footage you likely didn’t enjoy before.

No glue. No grout. No nails. That means no problem with condo rules.

condo balcony clooring

We take care of everything. We consult, design, install, clean and maintain. All you do is enjoy.

You’re modern and chic!  KANDY helps you take show your great style and taste through our elegant condo balcony flooring. Visit our Eye KANDY Gallery for inspiration!

Are you a property manager, or do you serve on a condo board or strata council? Ask us about KANDY’s building discount program. Contact us today to request a copy of our condo/strata/property management info package!

Add outdoor lighting to your outdoor flooring, and expand your home experiences in style!

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