Project Case Studies

KANDY Outdoor Flooring Project Case Studies

Complete Building Transformations with Large Scale KANDY Flooring Projects

KANDY Outdoor Flooring has been providing, installing, designing, and manufacturing outdoor flooring, specifically for condo balconies on multi-unit residential high rise buildings, since 2011.

  • KANDY has completed over a thousand projects on condo balconies throughout Canada and several in the USA including projects in Seattle, Texas, and Florida.
  • Based on years of experience, KANDY develops and manufactures its own proprietary product line, the Canadian Collection, which is specifically designed to protect condo balconies and building envelopes. The condo balconies and building envelope are not put at risk in any way.
  • KANDY does not use glue, grout, or nails in the installation of outdoor flooring. It simply lays the flooring on top of the balcony surface.
  • KANDY’s product profile has been analyzed and tested by reputable engineering firms. Such tests concluded that the base of KANDY’s products disperses weight efficiently through many contact points eliminating the risk of damage on the condo balcony surface.

The Westpointe Complex

2300- 2400 Folkstone Way. West Vancouver. BC
KANDY completed balconies: 28

Upon completion of the remediation project that included complete reconstruction of every balcony and envelope repair,  KANDY installed its flooring on 28 balconies.

After the end of the first summer after remediation, the balconies that did not have KANDY on their surface were bubbling while the balconies with KANDY outdoor flooring installed were perfectly intact. KANDY protected, and continues to protect, the new balcony surface.

project case studies the westpointe complex vancouver bc 1
project case studies the westpointe complex vancouver bc 2

The Crystallis

1020 Harwood Street. Vancouver, BC
KANDY Completed balconies: 30

Residents originally had traditional, non-floating terracotta tiles on their condo balconies which was blamed for the envelope degradation. The original tiles were removed and the residents were left with a surface, although efficiently protecting the building envelope, which was not aesthetically pleasing and very difficult to clean.

KANDY provided options, including wood and and synthetic choices, which were all approved by the board. The outdoor space of 30 balconies were completely transformed into a visually pleasing and functional area without putting the newly remediated envelope at risk.

project case studies the crystallis vancouver bc 1
project case studies the crystallis vancouver bc 2

1500 Hornby Street/888 Beach Avenue

Vancouver, BC
KANDY Completed balconies: 85

Immediately following the envelope remediation completed by RDH, KANDY installed its outdoor flooring solution on 85 of the condo balconies in this building. Working directly with the condo board,  KANDY was able to provide several options to residents while maintaining continuity of the exterior color.

project case studies 1500 hornby street vancouver bc 1
project case studies 1500 hornby street vancouver bc 2

Seawalk South

1675 Hornby Street. Vancouver, BC
KANDY Completed balconies: 18

RDH had been so impressed by the positive reviews of its past clients with KANDY’s outdoor flooring solutions that it included KANDY in the remediation project of Seawalk South.

The provision and installation of KANDY outdoor flooring for each unit was included in the overall project funded through the condo board budget.

project case studies seawalk south vancouver bc 1
project case studies seawalk south vancouver bc 2

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