Project Case Studies

Condo KANDY for Large Scale Commercial Applications

Project Case Studies

Condo KANDY has been providing, installing, designing, and manufacturing outdoor flooring, specifically for condo balconies and common areas for multi-unit residential buildings for the past decade.

  • Condo KANDY has completed thousands of projects on multi unit residential buildings throughout Canada and many in the United States as well.
  • Based on years of experience, Condo KANDY provides its own proprietary product lines and installation methods specifically designed to protect condo balconies and building envelopes. The building envelope is never never at risk, and in fact, is protected with Condo KANDY.
  • Condo KANDY does not use glue, grout, or nails in the installation of outdoor flooring. It simply lays the flooring on top of the balcony surface and in the case of KANDY Grass, is laid on top of a drainage system to provide air flow.
  • Condo KANDY’s product profile has been analyzed and tested by reputable engineering firms. Such tests concluded that the base of KANDY’s products disperses weight efficiently through many contact points eliminating the risk of damage on the condo balcony or common area surfaces.


4800 Dufferin Street, Toronto, ON

Condo KANDY balcony flooring is showcased at THE LOBBY, Tridels Design Studio. New and Prospective Condo owners can browse their showroom to pick out all options and upgrades and match their balcony flooring to the indoor colour and design scheme. They can also add the balcony flooring to their total sale and roll the upgrade into their mortgage. Installation and customization is all provided by Condo KANDY leaving the program hassle free both for Tridel and for its condo owner clients.

In addition, CONDO KANDY has extended a discount program to all Tridel Employees to that they may also benefit from expanded home experiences onto their condo balconies!

Digreen Homes

Markham, ON
Condo KANDY completed balconies: 42

In December, DiGreen Homes reached out to Condo KANDY regarding their Markham project. The project was nearing completion and the new owners would be occupying the units within four weeks. The challenge for Digreen Homes was to find a supplier that could provide and install 1500 square feet on short notice. The balconies were waterproofed with Mod-Bit/Torch which did not present a problem for KANDY by installing a layer of EPDM underneath its tiles.

Condo KANDY met the requirements of service, quality & choice and met the product and notice requirements with ease. KANDY keeps significant quantities of stock on hand year round with a roster of professionally trained installers capable of installing in all weather conditions.

Beach Towers

Condo KANDY Completed balconies: 85

Immediately following the envelope remediation completed by RDH, Condo KANDY installed its outdoor flooring solution on 85 of the condo balconies in this building. Working directly with the condo board & RDH, Condo KANDY was able to provide several options to residents while maintaining continuity of the exterior color.

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