Installation & Customizations

Deck Tile Installation & Customization Services in Toronto

When coupled with our gorgeous interlocking NEXGEN outdoor flooring or KANDY GRASS, Condo KANDY Outdoor Flooring provides the best home improvement experience ever. Hands down.

No Installation is too small or large, too simple or complex. Our professional installers have seen it all and create a space as unique as you are.

In addition to the technical aspects of every installation:

  • We take care of your scheduling needs
  • We minimize disruption
  • We protect the interior of your home with runners laid from the entrance to the outdoor area
  • We take all tools and product boxes directly to your outdoor space
  • We do all cutting and customizing outside and
  • We lay tarps down to catch dust and waste
  • We remove all product boxes for recycling
  • We clean the entire area when we’re done

We pride ourselves in leaving every balcony considerably better than we found it and all you need to do is enjoy!

The Outdoor Flooring Upgrade Process


We introduce ourselves and discuss what you can expect throughout the installation process. We confirm your design options and preferences. Then, we lay runners from the entrance to the balcony to protect your home and lay tarps down on the balcony to catch the debris from cutting and customization. Then we bring all of the product to the outdoor area to be transformed.


Pre-planning the installation before any cutting begins provides the best results. Our Installers ensure the best approach is taken to maximize positive results in each unique situation. No glue, grout or nails are used during the Condo KANDY deck tile installation process aligning with the Condo Board rules. A one finger gap is required at the peripheral to allow for expansion and contraction. With this in mind, the Installers create the best results while maintaining alignment with the rules and working within the limitations of the products. The installation and customization is a highly skilled and technical process and our Install team are the ultimate professionals.


We clean up! We remove all product boxes for recycling. We clean up all cutting debris, remove our tools and tarps. Your balcony will be so clean you won’t know that we’ve been there… except that you’ve got a beautiful new balcony! We pride ourselves on leaving every balcony considerably better than we found it. Yours included. You will be amazed at the transformation and will enjoy your expanded home experiences!

FREE no-obligation Consultation

Nothing like a FREE no-obligation in-home consultation with KANDY Outdoor Flooring to help you decide.

We will…

  • Come to your home, no strings attached
  • Discuss your dreams for your outdoor space, and talk about outdoor flooring design and product options
  • Show you samples of our exclusive deck tiles, and
  • Leave you with a firm quote (KANDY does not provide estimates. With our firm quotes, there are never any surprises at the end of your transformation project)

Learn more about our consultations and design process.

Want More Information?

Want to learn more about KANDY’s deck tile installation process?

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