Deck Tile Installation Services in Toronto

KANDY Outdoor Flooring offers the best home improvement experience ever. Hands down.

We take care of all building and unit access arrangements. We minimize disruption. We protect the interior of your home with runners laid from the entrance to the outdoor area. We take all tools and product boxes directly to your outdoor space. We do all cutting and customizing outside and we lay tarps down to catch dust and waste. And we clean the entire area when we’re done, removing all product boxes for recycling.

We pride ourselves in leaving every balcony considerably better than we found it.

The Deck Flooring Process


We bring your outdoor flooring products to your balcony. We lay runners from the entrance to the balcony to protect your home. We lay tarps down on the balcony and do all cutting and customizing on top to minimize mess.


We start by laying sample tiles out to check with you on the design. We measure twice, and cut once as we complete the installation process. No glue, grout or nails are used during the KANDY Outdoor Flooring deck tile installation. We keep checking with you during the installation to be sure you’re still on board with the design.


We clean up! We remove all product boxes for recycling. We clean up all cutting debris, remove our tools and tarps. Your balcony will be so clean you won’t know we’ve been there… except that you’ve got a beautiful new balcony! We pride ourselves on leaving every balcony considerably better than we found it. Yours included.

FREE no-obligation Consultation

Nothing like a FREE no-obligation in-home consultation with KANDY Outdoor Flooring to help you decide.

We will…

  • Come to your home, no strings attached
  • Discuss your dreams for your outdoor space, and talk about outdoor flooring design and product options
  • Show you samples of our exclusive deck tiles, and
  • Leave you with a firm quote (KANDY does not provide estimates. With our firm quotes, there are never any surprises at the end of your transformation project)

Learn more about our consultations and design process.

Maintaining Your Outdoor Flooring

While you are enjoying your expanded home experiences, having fun decorating and picking out your new outdoor furniture, you can completely relax. We’ve got your back when it comes to maintenance of your beautiful new outdoor flooring.

Our products and materials are of the highest quality available, and they are built to last. Taking care of your investment with regular maintenance is a guarantee you’ll be able to enjoy your awesome new space for years and years to come.

Learn more about how to protect your floating flooring investment.

Want More Information?

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