Condo Building Program

KANDY Condo Building Program

Discounts provided to all Condo Owners and Building Residents

KANDY Outdoor Flooring is the original and only brand that provides service, quality, and choice for outdoor flooring systems designed and made in Canada specifically for condo balconies and multi-unit common areas.

KANDY Outdoor Flooring does not alter the condo balcony (or other common areas) in any way. Therefore it does not fall under the requirements of Section 98 of the Ontario Condominium Act and its installation is rules and by-laws compliant in every Province. KANDY does not adhere to the surface in any way (no glue, no grout, no nails) and in fact, protects the surface and building envelope providing great comfort to all concerned. KANDY Outdoor Flooring significantly increases aesthetic appeal, enjoyment of outdoor spaces, individual unit, and overall building valuations.

STRATA Councils, Condo Boards, Property Managers, and Buildings can add value to their clients and condo owners by arranging for a customized volume discount program on their behalf. Here’s how it works:

kandy condo flooring building discount
  • KANDY shall offer DISCOUNTS to all owners and residents of the building in exchange for approval to advertise and market its outdoor floor offering to the entire building.
  • KANDY to set up a small display (4×6 area) in a common area exposed on one weekend (daytime) and one weekend (evening) for the unit owner/resident’s convenience.
  • A KANDY representative shall be present address all questions and concerns from the owners/residents.
  • KANDY shall provide postcards (physical/electronic) containing program and display details to be distributed to owners/residents and posted in common areas.
  • KANDY shall coordinate all elements of order placement and installation directly with each owner/resident, leaving the Condo Board free of any administrative burden.

If visual continuity on the building exterior is necessary, the Condo Board may approve certain colours or styles which KANDY shall restrict its offering to.

Whether out of the overall budget or funded individually, KANDY will handle all logistics, including individual choice, shipping, delivery, installation, customization, clean-up, and collections, if required.

kandy building discount program

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