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If you live in, or rent out your condo currently, or if you have pre-bought a condo for future possession, you will want to take advantage of every inch of area available for your enjoyment. If you have pre-bought, ask your Developer for an upgrade option to Condo KANDY. Generally speaking, the surface of condo balconies post development is not very appealing, however, it serves its purpose of protecting the building envelope very well.

At Condo KANDY we expand your home experiences with aesthetically pleasing, stylish and chic, outdoor flooring for your condo balcony while you reap the following benefits:

  • Free in-home consultations allow you to choose the product that best matches your taste, style, color, and budget and maintenance preferences are available in the GTA and through partners in other select cities. Contact us for more information and Click here for more info (link the consultations part/page)
  • The ‘floating floor’ design will keep the area cleaner and drier than ever before because the majority of the water, dirt, and debris will fall through and wash away underneath leaving only the deck surface (and not the dirt) for you and your guests to enjoy.
  • The flooring will protect the existing base surface from the elements and from wear and tear increasing long term value and appeal not only for your specific unit, but for the entire building.
  • The flooring does not adhere in any way to the floor, wall, or any other part of the structure, maintaining the integrity of the building and deck construction and remaining within condo rules and bylaws.
  • Since the flooring is not permanently affixed, it can be changed in configuration or pattern and/or moved to another location if desired.
  • Market value and appeal to potential buyers will be increased if you decide to sell or relocate.
  • The outdoor flooring provided by Condo KANDY allows you to enjoy your great taste in style and design by taking it from the inside – to the outside!
  • Condo KANDY Outdoor Flooring creates additional square footage of usable space and considerably increases enjoyment in outdoor home experiences, and increased visual appeal of the area as seen from the inside. Enjoy that view to its fullest
  • Full service installation and customization in the GTA is 100% hassle-free. The transformation takes no time or effort on the part of the customer. KANDY does it all for you: design, deliver,, installation and customization, and cleanup. Click here for more info.

Condo KANDY is the pioneer in this industry and was the first company to provide outdoor flooring for condo balconies in Canada.


Not in the GTA? That is OK, we have partners in select cities and we ship our #1 products directly to clients in other locations for self installation or hiring a contractor. Contact us for more information.

In the GTA when you choose Condo KANDY, you receive the best of service, quality, and choice. We do everything for you from consultation, to design, to installation and customization through to thorough clean-up of the area.

We exist to fulfill our brand purpose: Expanding Home Experiences®, and we do that by beautifying your balcony and giving you more usable square footage than you had before.

In the GTA KANDY’s 3-Step Process Makes It Easy

At KANDY Outdoor Flooring, we are full-service. We take care of every detail for you. From your free in-home consultation, to the firm quote. From customization and design for a result that is uniquely yours, to installation and cleanup.

We do it all. All you do is enjoy!

Step 1: Consultation & Design

We bring all of our product samples to your free, no-obligation in-home consultation. You get to compare and choose the option that best matches your space, style and taste.

If you see an option you like, we will assist in your final design decisions, take measurements, and provide a firm quote. If not, we pack up and go. No obligations.

Learn more about our consultations and design process.

Step 2: Delivery, Installation & Cleanup

The best home improvement experience ever. We make all arrangements for building and unit access. KANDY makes sure the disruption is minimized. We lay runners through your home to protect your interior. All tools and materials are taken directly to the outdoor space.

All cutting and customizing is completed outside, where tarps are laid down to catch dust and waste.

The entire area is cleaned up and we remove all product boxes for recycling. We leave every balcony considerably better than we found it. You would never know we were there – except you have a beautiful new room!

Learn more about our installation process installation process.

Step 3: Decorate, Relax, Entertain & Enjoy!

Want More Information?

Contact us today for more information on our full-service approach to beautifying your balcony or to book your FREE consultation.

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