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How to Reclaim Your Outdoor Patio Space: Toronto

Torontonians Rejoice! Spring Has Arrived, and it is Time to Take Back Your Condo Balcony from Old Man Winter

Outdoor Patio Floors TorontoIt has been long awaited, but springtime has arrived in Toronto, and other surrounding cities like Scarborough, North York, York and Etobicoke. Snow has melted away and the once mucky and sloshy ground is looking green again. Flowers are starting to sprout and bloom, and you are so excited to enjoy the great outdoors again!

You may wonder how you got through the winter, but you can forget all that, and begin focusing on living the good life once again. Take back your outdoor patio, get it ready for some enjoyable evenings with friends and family, and show off your newly installed condo balcony flooring (which we highly recommend you invest in).

Here are some tips on how to reclaim your outdoor patio space and enhance your patio deck tiles in Toronto.

Condo Balcony Garden Toronto

Getting Your Patio Cleaned Up

If you checked our blog post from last month, 5 Tips For Beautifying Your Condo Balcony by Spring, you might already have implemented some of these fabulous ideas to get your outdoor balcony patio clean and ready for some barbeque action. If you haven’t seen it yet, follow the link above to get our best tips!

Starting a Condo Balcony Garden

Now that the snow is on its way out (thank goodness!) you may want to get your green thumbs out. Now is the perfect time to purchase some balcony planters from your local garden center, and begin planting some flowers, herbs or small vegetables! You can also add potted plants for an added feel of outdoor style!

Shine Some Light On Your Condo Balcony

Outdoor Condo Balcony Lighting TorontoWant to make an impression with your friends and neighbours? Let there be light! Introducing outdoor lighting for your condo, patio or deck. Outdoor lighting is designed to enhance your outdoor flooring and your experiences in your outdoor space.

Learn all about our condo balcony lighting options.


Installing New Flooring For Your Condo Balcony

What better way to add value to your home, extending your livable area to your outdoor patio, than to renovate and buy new outdoor condo balcony flooring in Toronto?

Where can you buy condo patio flooring in Toronto? Great question! From KANDY Outdoor Flooring, that’s where! We make it super easy and convenient for you. We bring the samples to you, our passionate and skilled designers, and we work with you to create a balcony flooring plan that is both stylish AND functional. And best of all? We install them for you. Do not get trapped buying cheap tiles from Ikea or Home Depot. Those won’t last. You spent lots of money on your home, so why would you settle for DIY tiles that will eventually come apart?

We know we wouldn’t.

You’re smart, so contact the condo balcony pros in Toronto (that’s us!). You won’t be disappointed.

Ready to reclaim your outdoor patio space? Spice up your balcony with stylish condo flooring in Toronto! Give our team a call at 1-888-882-2889 to arrange a FREE in-home visit today, and we’ll discuss your needs!

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