KANDY Wholesale Outdoor Flooring

Wholesale Outdoor Flooring & Exclusive Deck Tiles

KANDY’s Wholesale Outdoor Flooring and Exclusive Deck Tiles are designed, manufactured, packaged and provided with the developer, contractor and builder in mind.

It answers your question: do you have an outdoor solution for my condo, townhome or commercial development, renovation or construction projects involving large outdoor areas?


We have designed and created our Wholesale Exclusive specifically for YOU, the commercial professional.

Wholesale Exclusive Deck Tiles create a floating, interlocking outdoor flooring system
ideal for large projects whether condo multi-unit, common area, roof-top or ground floor patio areas.

The Sweet Treat for your Feet®!


Steel Grey

wholesale outdoor flooring steel grey

Burnished Brick

wholesale outdoor flooring burnished brick

wholesale outdoor flooring steel grey tile

wholesale outdoor flooring burnished brick tile

wholesale outdoor flooring steel grey closeup

wholesale outdoor flooring burnished brick closeup

Commercial Contractor benefits include:

  • Increase revenue per square foot
  • Potential revenue source (provide as an option and ‘mark up’)
  • Finishing option that can add to perceived market value, and appeal to potential buyers or tenants will be increased.
  • The outdoor flooring will create a differentiated strategic advantage over the competition
  • Long-term costs of infrastructure upgrades may be reduced because Wholesale Exclusive Deck Tiles protect the deck infrastructure from wear and tear
  • In the case of multi-unit, KANDY outdoor flooring could provide additional differentiation between units.

End-user benefits include:

  • The outdoor flooring effectively increases the amount of usable, livable, and attractive square footage
  • Open-profile floating floor keeps the area cleaner and drier than any other solution because the majority of the water, dirt, and small debris falls through and washes away
  • Protects the existing base surface from the elements and from wear and tear, reducing frequency and extent of maintenance or repair treatments
  • Because the flooring is not permanently affixed, its configuration, pattern or layout can be changed, or the flooring moved to a new location
  • Market value and appeal to potential buyers will be increased if/when the customer decides to sell or relocate

Product/Purchasing Details

  • 5-slat parallel in 12” x 12” format
  • Two color choices: Steel Grey and/or Burnished Brick
  • Minimum order: 1080 square feet
  • Does not contravene any condo or strata bylaws or rules regarding adhesion to exterior of the building or deck surfaces.

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