Tigerwood Flooring

One of the finest quality hardwoods available. KANDY’s Tigerwood outdoor flooring will reflect your own unique style with its wide-ranging base colour tones, ripples of fine lines and bold rivers of darker, richer ocher, espresso and ebony.

The Sweet Treat for your Feet®!

tigerwood hardwood condo balcony flooring
balcony condo flooring tigerwood hardwood
tigerwood balcony condo flooring

Dramatic and Durable. KANDY’s exotic Tigerwood features light golden­‐brown to reddish-­brown coloring with exotic black and brown random streaks. With proper maintenance and care, Tigerwood outdoor flooring will last for many years.

Primarily from South America, the name ‘Tigerwood’ is often used to refer to different species of evergreen trees, including the goncalo alves, found primarily in Brazil.

The interlocking base of KANDY’s Tigerwood deck tile is manufactured to KANDY’s exacting specifications, and includes a UV stabilized support system comprised of high-density recycled polypropylene. Signature open-profile design allows air to circulate around the entire tile, keeping upper surface clean and dry.

KANDY’s interlocking Tigerwood deck tiles come in 12 x 12 four-slat parallel or 12 x 24 four-slat parallel. Choose your design: parquet, straight, offset, or a combination that lets you express your personality and style.

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Click here to download our free KANDY DIY Maintenance Guide.