Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting in Toronto

Keep that long-summer-day feel alive even when the seasons change and the days get shorter. Defy the clock! Outdoor lighting on your condo balcony, ground level patio or rooftop terrace can deliver extra hours of enjoyment. No worries about wind blowing out the candles! Control the intensity of light from inside or outside with a handy dimmer switch.

Add evening ambiance with classy outdoor lighting recessed directly into your KANDY Outdoor Flooring.

Introducing outdoor lighting for your condo, patio or deck. Outdoor lighting designed to enhance your outdoor flooring and your experiences in your outdoor space.

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  • Showcase your condo balcony with ambient lighting built right into the flooring
  • All wiring is under the floor so all you see and enjoy is the ambiance
  • You control the level of light (even from inside!) with a wireless dimmer
  • Waterproof, weatherproof, economical, and energy efficient
  • Precisely fit and finished to match your KANDY Outdoor Flooring installation
  • LED lighting results in lower electrical costs and increased longevity of the lights
  • Easily replaceable
  • KANDY handles all of the installation and customization and consults with you regarding number of lights and placement
  • KANDY can install at the same time as its flooring or as an addition at a later date

KANDY Outdoor lighting is designed specifically for use outdoors. No worrying about the weather. And they’re designed with energy efficiency in mind so you can have peace of mind.

KANDY’s install team can add your outdoor lighting at the same time as installing your outdoor flooring, or they can install your new outdoor lighting after your interlocking deck tiles are already in place. The choice is yours.

Now you can expand your home experiences even further. It is the perfect complement to your outdoor flooring!