Luscious, Green, Gorgeous.

When you simply want that luxurious and inviting backyard look and feel without the maintenance, look no further than KANDY GRASS. Cover your entire outdoor space in greenery or augment your balcony flooring with a patch, either way, KANDY Synthetic Grass lets you enjoy a manicured lawn, even if your condo balcony is several stories up!

KANDY Grass is designed specially and specifically for the Canadian climate. Frost and heat resistant, UV stabilized, with environmentally friendly synthetic grass blades that look and feel like the real thing.

The Sweet Treat for your Feet®!

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kandy grass condo balcony flooring
kandy grass condo balcony

CONDO KANDY GRASS is installed using its proprietary method developed specifically for multi-unit residential buildings. No problem with building rules or by-laws since room is left for water drainage and air flow ensuring that the building envelope is not at risk in any way.

KANDY Grass delivers:KANDY Grass Flooring

  • That fresh cut look even in the winter
  • Dense, multi-colored and variable thick pile producing a look and feel so close to real!
  • Anti-microbial properties that eliminate the build up of harmful bacteria
  • Non-flammable, antacid yarn that is resistant to chemical attacks
  • Lead-free, dioxin emission-free, environmentally friendly materials
  • Extremely high landscaping grade designed for moderate to high traffic areas.

As with all of CONDO KANDY’s outdoor flooring systems for CONDOS, KANDY Grass requires no glue, grout, cement, nails or bolts for installation. Nothing is attached to the floor, walls, or condo balcony structure, which means there is no problem with the condo board rules. The CONDO KANDY GRASS drainage system has an open profile, allowing rainwater to drain through and wash away underneath leaving only the gorgeous grass to enjoy!

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