Elegant Granite

Granite Flooring in Three Cool Shades

Yes, it’s real granite. No need to fake it with KANDY’s spectacular, naturally occurring, rock. Elegant granite outdoor flooring provides a splendid solid base on which to fashion a sophisticated outdoor space design, whether on a condo balcony, rooftop deck or ground level terrace.

The Sweet Treat for your Feet®!

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Start your design with the dark grey, bright grey or taupe granite deck tiles and add dark wood, bright fabrics, foliage and lighting. Or opt for a calming monochromatic colour scheme with white, ivory or taupe furniture and accents. With a design style that fits your personality, KANDY’s Elegant Granite outdoor floor will help you create a tranquil oasis in your urban environment.

Each interlocking floating floor granite deck tile contains 9 individual squares of solid rock, fixed onto a heavy duty PVC base, for flexibility that expands and contracts with temperature and minor variations in grade.

KANDY’s Elegant Granite is installed without the use of cement, grout, glue, bolts or nails. As a floating outdoor floor, it requires no modification to your existing condo balcony floor, walls, or structure. Most condo or strata rules restrict such modifications, so expect your KANDY Outdoor Flooring transformation to receive approval!

The 9 individual rock squares in each tile, and the latticework PVC base leave an open profile that allows air to circulate around the entire tile. Water and small debris fall through and wash away underneath leaving your floor surface clean and dry.

Get Creative! Mix and match with other KANDY products and decorative rock to create your own unique design!

Dark Grey Outdoor Scene

Taupe Outdoor Scene

Bright Grey Outdoor Scene

Dark Grey Tile

Taupe Tile

Bright Grey Tile

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