IPE (Ironwood) Exotic Hardwood

IPE Decking in Toronto

Ipe (ee-pay) is a wood of extremes: extremely hard and durable, extremely difficult to work with, and extremely handsome and striking.  Perfect for outdoor flooring on your condo balcony, ground-level patio or rooftop terrace!

KANDY’s South American Ipe is one of the hardest woods on the planet, hence it’s nickname: ironwood. This hardness combines with density, high dimensional stability and very high natural fatty resin content. Ipe does not absorb moisture, and therefore does not become slippery when wet and resists mold and mildew with proper maintenance.

Ipe features stunning natural colour variations. Any outdoor space is made instantly richer with an interlocking floating floor in Ipe. Combine different lengths and formats, decide from near-infinite variety of patterns for a floor like no other.

The Sweet Treat for your Feet®!

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Toronto flooring condo balcony ipe hardwood

The nature of KANDY’s interlocking, floating Ipe deck tiles means that no glue, grout, cement, nails or bolts are used for the installation. Nothing is affixed to the floor, walls, or structure of your condo, townhome, ground patio or rooftop space in any way, and that means there’s no problem with condo and strata rules.

Slats of Ipe fixed atop a grid base leaves an open profile that allows for air circulation around the entire tile. Water and small debris fall through and wash away underneath leaving your floor surface clean and dry.

Simple cleaning and occasional synthetic oil treatment are all that is required to keep your Ipe floor looking incredible for years into the future. The density and fatty resin content of Ipe make it unsuitable for staining, painting or other water-based treatments. When Ipe is so naturally beautiful, you wouldn’t want to cover it up anyway.

Go ahead. Get creative with your outdoor oasis and experience condo living at its best. The options are unlimited for creating your own unique designs.

IPE Long Format

IPE in Symmetrical Diamonds Format

IPE Four Slat Parallel Format

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