Exotic Cumaru Hardwood Flooring

Cumaru Hardwood Flooring

KANDY’s Cumaru hardwood flooring for your condo or apartment balcony is far from ordinary. Hues of ginger, marmalade, cinnamon and deep amber blend in a distinctive interlocking grain add a sense of relaxed luxury and style to any condo balcony, rooftop patio or ground floor terrace.

The Sweet Treat for your Feet®!

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Cumaru hardwood flooring from KANDY offers you the peace of mind that comes from knowing the exotic hardwood in your interlocking floating deck tiles will last for many years with proper care. It’s an attractive and durable South American hardwood, sometimes called Brazilian Teak even though it bears no relation to the teak wood species. With performance-enhancing density, dimensional stability and fatty resin content, Cumaru is not prone to moisture absorption, warping, splitting or rotting with proper maintenance.

The Cumaru tree produces the tonka bean, which contains the aromatic coumarin used in the perfume industry. It’s why you may detect soft scents of vanilla and cinnamon when working with Cumaru.

The colour tones and overall look of cumaru will provide the base and beautifully underpin whatever overall outdoor space you design. Combine different outdoor flooring tile lengths and formats in unlimited layout options for a floor design uniquely yours. Let your creative style shine through!

The nature of KANDY’s interlocking, floating, outdoor flooring systems mean that no glue, grout, cement, nails or bolts are needed for the installation. Because there isn’t anything attached, in any way, to the floor, walls, or structure, there is no problem with condo and strata rules.

KANDY’s Cumaru hardwood flooring tiles feature an “open profile”, with gaps between wood slats and a mesh base, that allow air to circulate around the entire tile. Dirt and water fall through and wash away underneath, leaving your floor surface clean and dry.

CUMARU Long Format

CUMARU Diagonal Format

CUMARU Four Slat Parallel Format

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