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Optimizing Your Natural Light With the Best Window Treatments

the best window treatments for natural light in a condo

Depending on where your condo is located in Toronto you can either get a a lot of natural light during the winter months, or depressingly little. Part of increasing how much light you get depends on what kinds of window treatments you go with. Below are some of the best window treatments for natural light optimization to make sure your condo is not drab and dreary this winter.

White or soft colours

When you are picking window treatments, it is best to pick white or soft colours, and ideally a material that is going to allow some light to pass through. There are a wide range of shades that are translucent and do a good job filtering sunlight when the day is at its brightest, but don’t filter out too much light when you are trying to maximize what little you do have. It is important to keep in mind that letting the light in is one of the best ways to help combat seasonal affective disorder, or SAD

The best window treatments are fully controllable

The absolute best window treatments, however, are those which are fully controllable. Fully controllable window treatments, like Suite Shades from Condo KANDY can be programmed to adjust throughout the day as the sun moves. The system also provides automatic glare reduction, UV protection for furniture and floors when the sun is at its most powerful, as well as improved energy efficiency to help you save on those astronomically high winter heating bills.

Mirrors placed around your apartment help

If you are in a location that just does not receive ample light during the winter, then you might want to consider augmenting your current window treatment scheme with a little interior design boost. One of the best ways to help spread natural light around a dimly lit room is using strategically placed mirrors. Mirrors and other reflective surfaces are able to greatly extend the reach of your natural light.

Blackout shades

Optimizing your natural light doesn’t just mean ensuring you are getting enough of it, it also means have window treatments that allow you to reduce the amount of light you are getting if need be. Suite Shades by Condo KANDY allow you to control how much light you are receiving, as do your common blackout shades that are popular with many condo dwellers.

The winter months can be depressing, especially if you are trying to make the best of them in a dimly lit apartment that is not receiving ample sunlight. If you want to avoid the winter blues, keep the above best window treatments and interior design tips in mind, and visit Condo Kandy for the best window treatment solutions in Toronto.


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