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Modular Deck Tiles Toronto: Why You Should Be Using Them

Modular Deck Tiles TorontoYou know there are many types of outdoor flooring on the market, but which one reigns supreme?

Modular deck tiles are a versatile and simple way to change almost anywhere outside of your home, particularly your outdoor condo deck or patio area.

Deck tiles are easy to install (when you have the right professionals), inexpensive and do not require complicated maintenance. You might be surprised to learn of how many types of patio flooring there are on the market, but modular deck tiles are the best, in our opinion.

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What Are Modular Deck Tiles?

If you are not familiar with outdoor deck tiles, it might be time to learn more about them. That’s what we love to do! Educate our customers so they can make the best choice for their home. There are a lot of outdoor flooring types, some that are cheaper in price and quality you install yourself, and other types that are affordable and custom-installed by professionals that will last a lifetime. In a city like Toronto, or even North York and surrounding areas – the latter is your best bet.

Modular Deck Tiles North YorkCanadian-made interlocking deck tiles are an easy way to switch up not only your deck, but many other surfaces as well. Deck tiles are offered in many forms from KANDY Outdoor Flooring. You’ll find synthetic composite flooring, exotic hardwood deck tiles, granite flooring, and interlocking artificial grass deck tiles. There are other types of outdoor flooring such as porcelain, stone, rubber, and plastic varieties, however, we focus our manufacturing efforts on only the best types of modular deck tiles for your balcony, because we know that quality means more to people than trying to do it alone with cheaper alternatives.

Modular deck tiles are one of the best, and most popular choices in Toronto for home renovations, even in North York, Scarborough, Markham, Brampton and surrounding areas across Ontario. They are usually placed on plastic feet to ensure effective drainage and are designed to be installed on a flat, clean, and dry surface. Perfect for all seasons!

Learn more about all the outdoor flooring options we offer below.

Modular Deck Tiles Synthetic Flooring TorontoSynthetic Outdoor Deck Tiles

Your outdoor balcony needs to take on the heat and bite the cold, depending which season it is. In Toronto, this is especially true. Synthetic or man-made composite flooring tiles will handle any weather. They look stylish and are the easiest type of modular deck tiles to maintain.

Modular Deck Tiles Ipe Hardwood Flooring TorontoHardwood Outdoor Deck Tiles

Sustainably produced and naturally solid, our hardwood modular deck tiles are the most popular in our collection. They add style and warmth to any outdoor living space and make your patio feel like an extension of your home. These tiles will last you a long time and come in a variety of colours and tones to suit your needs.

Modular Deck Tiles Granite Flooring TorontoGranite Outdoor Deck Tiles

If a posh outdoor living space is what you desire, then our elegant modular granite flooring is for you. These solid and beautiful rock-like tiles will give your balcony the style and sophistication it deserves.

Modular Grass Deck Tiles TorontoArtificial Grass for Outdoor Condo Balconies

KANDY’s artificial grass deck tiles are the perfect way to spruce up your balcony when you want to experience the sense of sitting in a backyard, enjoying the lushness of grass under your toes. You can even mix it up and add other product options to create different areas in your space. Our outdoor living area designers will help you create the perfect plan!

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