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KANDY's Guest Editorial in Condo Elite Modern Living Magazine

KANDY is represented in the summer 2014 edition of Condo Elite Modern Living through a “guest editorial” focused on the trends we are seeing for urban outdoor spaces. We were honoured to have been asked and pleased with the result.

I first became aware of the Condo Elite Modern Living magazine when it arrived in my condo mailbox more than a year ago. We were in the early days of our first spring season with KANDY Outdoor Flooring in Toronto, and with our focus on condo balconies I was thrilled to see a magazine devoted to precisely the market we were new to serving.

Editor Monique Charbonneau had a great vision for what was, at the time, a gap in the literary marketplace. Condos were being built at breakneck speed in Toronto. And all across Canada urban living trends were leading to more and more Canadians making condos their residence of choice. Today, nearly 20 per cent of Canadians live in owner-occupied condos.  Monique’s publication, dedicated to the condo life and the lifestyle, resonated with me.  Clearly it appeals to many readers and advertisers as well.

As soon as I’d gone through that first edition cover to cover I reached out to Monique. I asked if she might be interested in a story on ways to expand home experiences with new outdoor flooring for condo balconies. We met for coffee and immediately made a connection through great conversation and common expertise, and the rest is history.

I’ve been able to support Monique with more than advertising and articles. With my journalism and communications backgrounds it made editing and proofreading support a no-brainer.  This gives me a preview of all the great stuff that will be coming out in each edition!

In the summer 2014 edition that’s just out, my favourite pieces are: “Planning and Packing to De-stress your Move” on page 10 and “Condominiums: Is Your Condo Properly Insured?” on page 19. But there’s lots of great stuff on new developments in the market, arts and travel and small space living.  And of course, in the guest editorial I talk about trends we’re seeing in outdoor urban living, including outdoor flooring, in Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa. But I’ll let you read it for yourself!

All of us at KANDY Outdoor Flooring applaud Monique and her team at the magazine and we look forward to watching the publication grow as more and more GTA condo-dwellers turn to it as a solid, relevant, and respected resource.

Hats off!

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