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Just How ‘All-Inclusive’ Is It? KANDY’s All-inclusive Price Point

男性You’re probably familiar with this scenario: you find a product or service you like, you ask how much it is, you figure out your budget and decide you can make that work. Then, when you’re placing the order, you discover a bunch of previously undisclosed charges and fees. All of a sudden your pet project is financially out of reach. Bu-uh-mmer.

This approach is fairly common with providers of home improvement products and services. At KANDY Outdoor Flooring we take a different approach.

All-inclusive Pricing
Our per-square-footage and total pricing is all-inclusive. One number. You get a single price that doesn’t change between quote and install, no matter what we encounter on premise when our floor designers are beautifying your balcony. Nothing extra. Product, shipping and delivery, installation and customization are all included. Period.

Removing Uncertainty
We’ve worked hard to understand all the costs related to delivering your expanded home experiences. You want to beautify your balcony, not grapple with things like international shipping fees and brokerage duties. No worrying about how far your address is from the warehouse, or how long our floor designers will be on site customizing the deck tiles for your own very special design. We take care of all those calculations for you.

Making it Easy
Our entire approach is to deliver our outdoor flooring solutions with as little hassle and fuss – on your part – as possible. It goes back to the reason we started KANDY Outdoor Flooring in the first place: we couldn’t find anyone to help us with our own condo balcony beautification project. As condo owners ourselves, we know the value of access to experts who know the whole process, from working with your strata council or condo board, property manager, to navigating the elevator and adhering to condo rules around working hours, and quite simply just getting the job done. Our pricing strategy follows that same principle: to make it easy for you, the customer.

after3What About Tax?
Busted! Yes, we add tax on top of our all-inclusive price. Tax transparency is something we also believe in. The CRA technically allows businesses like us to choose whether we present a ‘tax-included’ or ‘tax excluded’ price, but we believe you should see exactly how much you are paying the government. And so, your all-inclusive price from KANDY Outdoor Flooring will include everything but tax.

Want to explore KANDY’s Sweet Treat for Your Feet® further? Give one of our franchise partners a call, by dialing 1-888-882-2889. You can find us in the Greater Vancouver area, including Squamish and Whistler; Toronto and the GTA, Calgary and EdmontonContact us today!

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