Slaying the Dragons Inside Out! Outdoor Flooring Grows Your Space

Expand your Outdoor Season with Outdoor Flooring

Spring arrives at different times and in different temperaments depending on where you live. Coastal, inland, Canada, or the U.S. One common denominator is that if the weather is cold, grey, wet or dreary, and you look outside to your condo balcony to see more wet, dirty concrete, you are not going to feel much like venturing outside for even a brief breath of fresh air.

But before you dismiss the idea of outdoor flooring as a silly endeavor because it can’t be enjoyed year round, consider these facts:

  1. If you love the look of your outdoor space, including what’s on the floor, you are going to feel much different about venturing out – even if it isn’t suntan weather.
  2. KANDY’s floating outdoor flooring actually acts as an insulator. Our exotic hardwoods in particular stay warmer than the concrete in winter, spring or fall. And it stays cooler in the heat of summer.

And here’s a simple little idea to take some control back from Mother Nature:  keep a couple of colour-coordinated throws by the door to grab as you head out. You can use them to keep your upper body warm while you enjoy KANDY’s sweet treat for your feet.

Candles or battery-operated lights, or KANDY’s counter-sunk outdoor lighting, will produce a nice warm glow and create an intimate mood. Place them strategically around the perimeter to help define your space. This way it doesn’t matter if the sun went down hours ago!

We can’t control Mother Nature, but we can do a few things to make our home outdoor environments a little less at the mercy of her icier touch. Expanding your home experiences with outdoor flooring is one great option.

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