Enterprising Women
Changing the World: It’s Women’s Work

Enterprising Women is an organization that brings together thought leadership from inspiring women who run their own businesses – and still find time to engage in extra-curricular activities that change the world. With a magazine, TV, foundation and annual awards ceremony Enterprising Women calls itself ‘the voice of women entrepreneurs’. The organization provides a forum…

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5 Tips for Including Synthetic Grass in Your Condo’s Outdoor Flooring Design

Beautifying your condo balcony should really start from the floor up. As designer Cheryl Torrenueva explains, the floor is really the foundation of any design project. While traditional synthetic grass is not always a solution for those seeking condo balcony grass, selecting a condo or strata-approved option can help create the green warmth of a traditional backyard. Check…

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7 Things You Said You Wanted in Outdoor Flooring Deck Tiles

When we were developing the design requirements for our proprietary Canadian Collection interlocking outdoor flooring, proudly released in Spring 2016, we drew on valuable feedback provided by the design community, KANDY’s own manufacturing engineers, and from our customers – people like you. We listened to and acted on everything you told us. Attractiveness We heard…

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5 Favourite Apps for Business and Life

When we first published the post “7 Great Apps for Your Small Business: 6 & 7 will Surprise You” the KANDY Outdoor Flooring brand was in a different place. We still use and love the apps in the aforementioned blog, but much has changed. KANDY Outdoor Flooring has welcomed new franchise partners in North &…

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Boni & John Farewell
A Fond Farewell to Boni & John

It is with mixed emotions that we bid adieu to Boni & John Wagner-Stafford. After 3 years of contributions to the KANDY® brand, they are moving on. We wish them nothing but success and happiness as they continue to pursue their 2GreatGuys and B Clear Writing endeavours as well as their upcoming Mexican adventures. We will miss…

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