Enterprising Women
Changing the World: It’s Women’s Work

Enterprising Women is an organization that brings together thought leadership from inspiring women who run their own businesses – and still find time to engage in extra-curricular activities that change the world. With a magazine, TV, foundation and annual awards ceremony Enterprising Women calls itself ‘the voice of women entrepreneurs’. The organization provides a forum…

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KANDY University
How We Launched KANDY University

Our First Formal Franchise Training Session This week we launched the inaugural KANDY University for the new franchise partners we are welcoming aboard just as the spring season kicks off.  It’s an exciting time for us all – our new partners are excited about their new business ventures, and the KANDY brand leadership is excited…

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Buying A Franchise? Start Looking Close to Home

Congratulations on deciding to go into business – a franchised business. Before you spend too much time window-shopping, looking for that “perfect” idea that you’ll know when you see it, it will pay dividends to look deep inside before you look for available franchises outside. Skills and Abilities It’s important to know what you’re really good at,…

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