kandy franchisees
6 Ways Franchise Partners Are More Than Employees or Entrepreneurs

Are they or are they not? There’s been lots of healthy debate around whether franchise partners are more like entrepreneurs or more like employees. On one hand, they invest in and operate their own businesses. On the other hand, they’ve bought into a business concept already developed and a system someone else set up I believe…

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canadian collectioni
5 Surprising Reasons to Choose Canadian Collection Outdoor Flooring

When you’re looking for ways to spruce up your outdoor space with Canadian outdoor flooring designed especially for condo balconies, it is possible to show your pride by choosing a fully Canadian interlocking deck tile product. No compromise on quality KANDY’s Canadian Collection outdoor flooring deck tiles are created with 100 percent premium virgin polymer…

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Enterprising Women
Changing the World: It’s Women’s Work

Enterprising Women is an organization that brings together thought leadership from inspiring women who run their own businesses – and still find time to engage in extra-curricular activities that change the world. With a magazine, TV, foundation and annual awards ceremony Enterprising Women calls itself ‘the voice of women entrepreneurs’. The organization provides a forum…

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Focusing Your Brand’s Target Market

FOCUS. It’s a powerful word in the world of an entrepreneur. FOCUS on your goals. Structure your day so you can FOCUS getting the important things done. FOCUS on your revenue objectives. FOCUS on your customers. There’s lots of advice available out there to help entrepreneurs and business owners FOCUS on what’s important. My personal…

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