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KANDY's China Trip: Building Our Knowledge

Our commitment to choice and quality for our Canadian clientele is unwavering.  Its why we recently headed direct to the factories in China, where the majority of the world’s outdoor flooring deck tiles are manufactured.

With the help of our quality control and translation experts, Doug and Rose, we saw first hand where, and how, some of our existing products are made.

We were happy to see our KANDY boxes in the factory where our contemporary composite is made!

We saw the big, raw piles of rock used to make KANDY’s granite outdoor flooring, and we saw first hand the tiles being assembled – by hand!

We also explored many more options with new and different factories.

The value of the trip exceeded our expectations. We deepened our knowledge, honed our expertise, and cultivated relationships.

Being able to talk face to face about our requirements for products that will work whether in  +50C or -50C temperatures, we discovered, is something that can’t really be achieved from afar. The face-to-face settings were invaluable.

In the end, we have increased the choices that we’re able to offer our customers in this unique and varied Canadian climate.  Indeed, the trip has resulted in new and improved durable and stylish options for our customers all across Canada for the upcoming outdoor season. We look forward to more ‘expanded home experiences’ in 2014!

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