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Providing Balcony Tiles in Canada

Balcony Tiles in Canada – Providing Outdoor Flooring Solutions For Your Deck, Patio or Balcony

We can take your home experience to another level by providing you with powerful outdoor flooring solutions which will leave you feeling awesome! If you are looking for balcony tiles in Canada, then you have come to the right place.

balcony tiles in canadaThere are many ways which your outdoor living space can be transformed into a beautiful, comfortable area. It all starts with an idea, though, and a vision of what you want it to look like. Through using the powerful connectivity which interlocking deck tiles offer, you can take it up a notch for entertaining friends and family.

The modern, new look which will fill your balcony space is going to set your days and nights alive and on fire.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Balcony Tiles in Canada


Why Balcony Tiles in Canada?

Everyone wants to have a beautiful outdoor setting for their balconies. They want it to look unique and special so when they go outside there is a sense of specialness and comfortability. Balcony tiles in Canada can actually enhance the look through using different types of tiles that are offered by KANDY Outdoor Flooring.

Whether through a harsh winter or a sun-splashed summer, making sure your balcony tiles are able to withstand both extremes will make a difference in your selections. Color, texture, and style are all part of your decision-making process.

What does this mean to you:

  • Your patio surface will remain clean and dry because dirt and water will run through the tiles and drain underneath.
  • You can remove one or more tiles at a time – this enables direct access to drains or easy replacement of single tiles if they become damaged for any reason (such as red wine stains).
  • Your deck tiles can be dissembled and moved to another location and/or the pattern will be arranged for a vibrant look.

Balcony tiles in Canada can be purchased from KANDY Outdoor Flooring. Our high-end balcony tile and outdoor flooring solution will enhance the look and feel of your outdoor living spaces including decks, patios, and balconies.

What types of interlocking deck tiles are going to provide me with a solid solution?

flooring tiles canadaThese types of interlocking deck tiles will give you and your family a solid footing underneath them when looking to enjoy those outdoor moments.

Each of our products is well-suited for any outdoor application assuming the following 3 conditions are true: the surface is flat, solid and drains properly. Ideal surfaces for our outdoor flooring solutions include: concrete, stone, wood and vinyl. We do not recommend using our outdoor flooring products on curved or uneven surfaces with poor drainage including grass, gravel or Astroturf.

Whether you have a condo or apartment balcony, patio or deck, our outdoor flooring products can provide an instant improvement to the look and feel of your favorite outdoor living spaces.

You can also use our outdoor flooring products to conceal old and unwanted vinyl decking… as long as the surface is flat and solid with good drainage.

Balcony Tiles Canada – What patterns and colors do you offer?

The colors and patterns we have available will vary depending on which type of outdoor flooring solution you choose. Some looks are not available in all pattern or material types, so visit out our product page or gallery page for more details about your desired finish. During your free in-home consultation we bring all available samples so you can see the best option for your environment, tastes, and style. You can overlay our swatch samples on your deck or patio to see what they’ll look like when installed.

We offer a number of materials for our outdoor flooring products including:

Our interlocking deck tiles layout patterns / design options include:

  • Straight/parallel
  • Symmetrical diamond
  • Parquet (opposed squares)
  • Long format
  • Diagonal format
  • Four slat parallel format
  • Or any other unique combination for your own, one-of-a-kind balcony

interlocking deck tiles canadaKANDY Flooring Tiles Canada – Our colors include:

  • Dark greys (slate, dark gray)
  • Dark browns (walnut/chestnut, chocolate)
  • Medium greys (woodsmoke)
  • Light browns (almond, taupe)
  • Bright greys

Deck tiles Canada – Our finishes include:

  • Wood (Canadian Collection, IPE, Cumaru, Tigerwood)
  • Granite (dark grey tile, taupe tile, light grey tile)

How much does your flooring system cost?

Our outdoor flooring solutions are priced using a number of variables. These include square footage (in feet), your desired type flooring material, degree of difficulty for: installation, and customization.

We cannot give you a precise price without knowing more about the variables mentioned including: outdoor flooring material, angles, corners and square footage for your outdoor living space.

However, our prices are all-inclusive. Nothing extra and nothing hidden. In terms of pricing, we recommend using $20-$25/square foot as a rough guideline.

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Balcony Tiles Canada – Cleaning, Care, and Maintenance

At KANDY Outdoor Flooring our aim is to expand home experiences™.

No matter what type of outdoor flooring system selected, whether KANDY or otherwise, we would be glad to rejuvenate your outdoor living spaces by providing a full-service cleaning and maintenance program for a single floor or for entire rooftops, decks, patios and balconies. This robust service will:

  • Ensure that your investment in a floating floor system will be protected
  • Keep your outdoor deck tiles as good as new
  • Make your outdoor flooring system last for a long time

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