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7 Things You Said You Wanted in Outdoor Flooring Deck Tiles

inputWhen we were developing the design requirements for our proprietary Canadian Collection interlocking outdoor flooring, proudly released in Spring 2016, we drew on valuable feedback provided by the design community, KANDY’s own manufacturing engineers, and from our customers – people like you. We listened to and acted on everything you told us.

  1. Attractiveness

We heard loud and clear that you wanted good-looking choices in outdoor flooring. This fits with why we exist! We worked to make sure our new Canadian Collection deck tiles look like a million bucks, without costing a fortune.

  1. Practicality

Canadian CollectionYou told us your interlocking outdoor flooring had to be practical, to provide benefits beyond just good looks. Canadian Collection delivers:

  • A cleaner, drier outdoor floor, because the open profile upper and base allow water and dirt to fall through and wash away underneath
  • Wear and tear protection of the existing base surface
  • Maintained integrity of the building envelope and deck construction, because it’s a “floating” floor, not in any way fastened to the floor, walls, railings or any other part of the structure
  • Increased appeal and market value: if you decide to move or sell, Canadian Collection outdoor flooring becomes a differentiating factor over your competition
  • Additional living space that simply looks amazing from the inside looking out.
  1. Low Maintenance

The idea of expanded home experiences with new outdoor flooring on your condo balcony, ground patio or rooftop terrace had to make sense if it was going to fit in with your busy urban lifestyle. The ‘busy’ should be made up of dinners, theatre-going, hiking and biking and kayaking and running and skiing, even earning a living, but not cleaning and maintenance work on your outdoor flooring. We agree.

  1. Save EnergyEnvironmentally Responsible

You told us that consideration of the environment was important. KANDY’s Canadian Collection deck tiles are made in Canada for Canadians, so emissions from shipping are dramatically reduced when compared to other products that are imported from far-away exotic places. Our Canadian Collection outdoor flooring is manufactured without consuming or containing any organic or natural materials.

  1. Choice of Colours

You told us that décor and design considerations were really important, especially as you want to grow your condo space and create an additional room with new outdoor flooring. You told us you wanted to be able to choose the right colour or shade to fit with the rest of your home. Staying true to our mutual love of all things outdoor, we have introduced three cool colours: Mountain Mist, Hazlenut (it’s a tree, right!?), and Solstice Steel.

  1. Variegated Tones

More than colour choice, you told us you wanted your Canadian Collection deck tiles to have a rich look and feel, which we have delivered through creation of variegated tones. Borrowing from Mother Nature’s variegated colouring on plants and foliage, each Canadian Collection tile exhibits slightly different colours, sometimes as irregular patches or streaks, always natural-looking and interesting.

  1. Climate Appropriate

CanadaIt’s Canada!  We have four distinct seasons in every region, and you told us that our Canadian Collection needed to be completely comfortable with H2O, whether solid (ice) or liquid, salt- or fresh-water or Great Lakes humidity. You told us it had to be impervious to o mold, mildew, rot or insects. And you told us it needed to be UV stabilized and fading resistant.

We’re very proud of what you’ve helped us deliver in KANDY’s Canadian Collection: beautiful and recyclable, durable and practical, superior quality and carefree, KANDY’s Canadian Collection deck tiles are literally made for Canada and its condo balconies.

With our thanks to you!

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