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7 Cool Things That Occur During a KANDY Consultation

meet-cool-peopleYou may be wondering why we are so passionate about the importance of that initial in-home consultation. Look no further than KANDY’s unique value proposition of service, quality and choice to unpack the list of cool things that occur during a KANDY Outdoor Flooring consultation.

  1. Cool People Meet Cool People

We love to meet and get to know our potential clients, and we think you will enjoy meeting KANDY’s dedicated and professional franchise partners. That’s what we set out to accomplish, and feedback from our consultations tell us this is true! Our franchise partners live in the communities they serve and love to say “hi” when you bump into them later in the grocery store or community events.

  1. Respect for Your Premises

We treat the invitation to your premises as a privilege and an honour, and we behave accordingly. You can rest easy knowing that the KANDY way is to remove shoes at the door and leave our box of sample deck tiles in the hallway.

  1. Design Expertise for Your Unique Style

Because you are interested in exploring outdoor flooring for your condo balcony, ground-level patio or rooftop terrace, we help you visualize a one-of-a-kind outdoor space that will showcase your style, taste and personality. We work with you to discover a perfect design, bringing our product knowledge, layout expertise, and installation prowess to the process and then we set out a course of action to make it happen.

  1. Decision-making Support

With the largest selection of the highest quality interlocking outdoor flooring (deck tile) systems available in Canada today, it can be tough to decide which gorgeous look you want! The sophisticated warmth of exotic hardwoods like Ipe, Cumaru or Tigerwood? Elegant granite? KANDY’s Canadian Collection? We show you our products, discuss the materials, and help you match shades and textures with your décor.

  1. Assessment of Conditions

Measure / AssessWe help you with an assessment of the natural conditions that exist in your outdoor space, and show how each product type will interact with it. For example, we look at what the predominant light source is going to be – e.g. natural sun, fluorescent light spilling from the inside at night – and how you plan to use your spiffy new outdoor space. KANDY’s custom recessed outdoor lighting might be a perfect add-on, for a special kind of warm ambiance.

  1. Measurements & Evaluation

Guesstimating is not recommended! No eyeballing, stride-length measurements, or memory dimensions allowed. One of our key functions during your consultation is getting a set of precise measurements, including angles and curves, which will tell you how much product we need to ensure you experience an outstanding result. We are also able to look at things like:

  • How level your condo balcony is
  • Whether the subsurface is smooth and flat, or bumpy and lumpy
  • Clearance considerations from any doors that may open outward onto the outdoor patio.
  1. Firm Quote

Unlike other sectors of the home improvement industry, our post-consultation quotes are firm. Because we have thoroughly assessed your premises and preferences, and because all customization is made to our product only, you know your price in advance. No guessing, no changes, no surprises.

KANDY’s free, no-obligation, in-home consultation can be easily scheduled with one of our amazing franchise partners by contacting us today.

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