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5 Tips for Including Synthetic Grass in Your Condo’s Outdoor Flooring Design

condo balcony grassBeautifying your condo balcony should really start from the floor up. As designer Cheryl Torrenueva explains, the floor is really the foundation of any design project. While traditional synthetic grass is not always a solution for those seeking condo balcony grass, selecting a condo or strata-approved option can help create the green warmth of a traditional backyard.

Check for Format

We mention format first because we know it’s the most important element in getting approval to add balcony outdoor flooring to your condo. Look for synthetic grass that comes on a raised, interlocking base that allows water to drain away underneath. This is the kind that should be easily approved by your condo board or strata council for two key reasons:

  1. condo balconiesUnlike most artificial turf formats that lay directly on the surface, the tile format keeps the surface dry and eliminates the trapping of water that can put the building envelope at risk for moisture ingress, a problem that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to rectify, and
  1. It makes it easy for you or your property’s maintenance staff to lift (and replace) a section when maintenance is needed.

Check Condo Rules

Most condominiums have rules spelling out what is permitted on your balcony. If yours is a new construction project and you’re one of the first owners to occupy your suite, you might find you’re helping to shape the rules. Regardless, it’s good practice to check with your property manager, condo board or strata council before you begin an outdoor flooring project on your condo balcony to make sure what you’re planning stays onside with the regulations. You may wish to include a sample of the synthetic grass deck tile, along with a product specification sheet, to help ensure the approval decision is an informed one.

KANDY condo balcony grassAssess Traffic Patterns

The size and shape of your balcony, along with placement of access doors and your plans for outdoor patio furniture will heavily influence the traffic patterns you can expect. Many types of synthetic grasses intended for residential use, for example, are best when installed in light to moderate traffic areas. As you plan, work up a design that will put your artificial grass in its best light: where traffic is also light.

Know Your Budget

For many, one of the attractions of condo balcony grass is the price point. It is one of the reasons we researched and selected KANDY Grass into our product mix. It can certainly have a moderating effect on the budget when you can mix the design with premium deck tile products such as KANDY’s Ipe, Cumaru or Tigerwood exotic hardwoods. Mix and match with Elegant Granite, or KANDY’s Canadian Collection for a spectacular outdoor balcony flooring look that only you will know is budget friendly!

Get Creative!

Feet in airIntersperse your synthetic grass outdoor flooring deck tiles with other finishes to create walkways, borders, seating areas, or accents. KANDY Grass adds exponentially to your design options and ensures you will end up with a beautiful condo balcony floor that is like no other and perfect for you. Who needs a backyard when you can have a condo balcony grass with KANDY?

KANDY Grass interlocking deck tiles are designed for our Canadian climate. Frost and heat resistant, UV stabilized, environmentally friendly synthetic grass blades that look and feel like the real thing.

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