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5 Surprising Reasons to Choose Canadian Collection Outdoor Flooring

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When you’re looking for ways to spruce up your outdoor space with Canadian outdoor flooring designed especially for condo balconies, it is possible to show your pride by choosing a fully Canadian interlocking deck tile product.

  1. No compromise on qualitycanadian outdoor flooring balcony

KANDY’s Canadian Collection outdoor flooring deck tiles are created with 100 percent premium virgin polymer material, a highly engineered product that contains no organic materials. None of our products feed organisms like mold or mildew. We are proud of our rigorous quality control mechanisms spanning the manufacturing process, which happens in Ontario, Canada, as well as our delivery, design and installation processes that all happen right in your home!

  1. No compromise on performance

Strong and resilient, suited to the elements, Canadian Collection is made to withstand fresh and saltwater, rain and humidity, and is inherently resistant to mold, mildew, rot and insects. This material will never splinter, crack split or warp. The premium polymer formula is also UV stabilized, so even hot southern exposure won’t result in eroded colour over time.

  1. canadian outdoor flooring expertNo compromise on timelines

When you choose Canadian Collection, there’s little delay between your order placement and completion of your condo balcony or outdoor space transformation. No worrying about whether your colour choice is “in stock”: even if we have to order a new run we can still be installing in a matter of days.

  1. No compromise on the power of your dollar

No worrying about the Canadian dollar in comparison to the US dollar, or any other foreign currency. Your Canadian outdoor flooring expenditures go straight toward the Canadian economy, helping to support small businesses and jobs right here at home.

  1. No compromise on maintenance effort

Canadian Collection interlocking outdoor flooring deck tiles are virtually maintenance free. With just a regular household broom, you can sweep away any dust or dirt on the surface.  A mop and mild soapy solution will handle any spills.

Isn’t it nice to know that even in this global economy, where it is often difficult to ‘buy Canadian’ with absolute certainty, you can be confident that the materials, the design, the manufacturing, and the company supplying the outdoor flooring for your condo balcony are all truly and thoroughly Canadian?KANDY outdoor flooring van vancouver

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