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5 Reasons to Install Your Outdoor Flooring During Winter

DGN measuringIt is true that throughout Canada, and in many parts of the United States, your condo balcony is a nicer place to be in any season but winter. But don’t make the mistake of thinking you can’t get new outdoor flooring installed during the winter, as you implement plans for your space for spring and beyond.

Except in rare cases, the professionals at KANDY Outdoor can take care of your outdoor flooring installation any time of year. So that’s out of the way. What about you?

Here are the top reasons you might want to have outdoor flooring installed in the winter:

  1. You’re taking possession of your new condo or home and want to make all the improvements before or just after you move in.
  2. You want to prepare your condo or home for sale, and new outdoor flooring is either part of the staging or sale strategy.
  3. You got a whack of cash for Christmas and want to upgrade your outdoor space right away.
  4. You want to take advantage of off-season discounts, if any.
  5. You’re holding mid-winter parties or celebrations and want to make sure your outdoor space looks smashing from the inside out.

Once you consider whether an off-season installation might be right for you and your individual circumstance, the rest is really up to mother nature. Unless there is serious and heavy wind, rain, or during an Ontario ice storm, winter is not much of a barrier.

So if you decide you want to take care of your outdoor space with new outdoor flooring this winter – we won’t stop you!

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