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4 Reasons to Clean and Maintain Outdoor Flooring

PH-IPE-LONG-BASILAH-A5-WMThe benefits of taking care of your “stuff” is more than a matter of helping them look good. It’s a prudent approach that saves money, energy, and waste.  Keeping an air conditioner clean, oiled, and in good running order will extend the life of the unit, delaying a deposit in the landfill and a withdrawal from your bank account.

If it’s a nice piece of wood furniture, you or someone you hire, will dust and oil. If you have silver dinnerware, you will polish. And when you have beautiful outdoor flooring on your condo balcony, rooftop or terrace, it makes sense to keep it clean and to occasionally maintain.

Here are 4 key reasons to just do it and maintain your interlocking deck tiles:  

  1. Removing dirt, salt and other atmospheric grime from your flooring will contribute to its longevity by eliminating potentially destructive elements.
  1. There’s nothing like a little maintenance and cleaning to bring back the sparkle and shine and make you and your guests appreciate your beautified balcony.
  1. It’s a great way to reconnect you with your outdoor space and get you excited about the expanded home experiences just around the corner.
  1. It’s like showering. You don’t absolutely NEED to do it, but you will feel better and people will enjoy being around you much more. Your balcony is the same.

Not many are thrilled with the prospect of adding things onto their “to-do” list. But with respect to maintenance of your gorgeous, high quality, interlocking outdoor floor, the dividends far outweigh the effort.

A little regular cleaning of your deck tiles, along with application of any recommended oil or sealant, is all that’s required to ensure you get maximum enjoyment, and your bank balance accruing interest.

You can find our do-it-yourself tips for cleaning your own outdoor flooring and details of KANDY’s full-service maintenance program here.

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