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From Drab to Fab!

Sometimes the stars just align.  Our meeting with Vancouver blogger Marc Smith is but one example!  Marc’s 30-patios-in-30-days series was one that we thought was calling our name! We didn’t think his series would be complete without  KANDY Outdoor Flooring, so helping to transform Marc’s own condo balcony was a no-brainer. Enjoy Marc’s blog!


With all this time spent researching the 30 Best Patios in the Lower Mainland I’m inspired to finish the work on my own patio that started last year with the help of Art Knapps. Sure I have great plants and some new patio chairs that helped refresh and liven up the patio space but something is still missing and I think I know the perfect solution.

The patio needs a new floor, something not so grey, cold and concrete looking as the grey, cold and concrete floor that comes with every condo patio in Vancouver.

I know just the people to help me as well, it’s time for KANDY Outdoor Flooring to the rescue! let’s turn this drab patio floor to fab so I can start the 2014 patio season in style.

Like any good home renovation this project starts with a consultation. KANDY Outdoor Flooring founder Doug Niessen comes to my condo armed with samples galore.

Before he arrived I cleared off the entire patio space so he could see exactly what he had to work with, cold and grey concrete. Whipping out his samples and laying them out for me to see I was able to get a clear picture of the patio I wanted.

What’s cool about the actual product from KANDY is that it’s a “floating” deck so there are no screws, nails or anything else permanent done to the actual existing concrete floor. What does this mean? It means that you can take the floor with you when you sell and move or if you’re smart it helps increase the resale value of your condo. KANDY Outdoor Flooring is the perfect product for any condo patio.

Read the rest of Marc’s “Drab to Fab” blog here!


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